Snail Mail Awesomeness

May 6, 2015

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On Saturday I got the best smelling and package a coffee addict could ask for arrived in my mailbox! I seriously smelled it a ton before opening it, then shoved it in Justin’s face so he could smell the awesomeness of it. When I opened it up, I was even more overjoyed with the simple but wonderful packaging. I was giddy like a school girl in a candy store when Jake from Valo Photography emailed me and asked me to try out his roasted coffee beans.  I got even more excited when he sent me a snap on Snapchat that he mailed it! I ran to the mailbox after returning from 2nd shooting in Wausau, and when I opened the door the waft of delicious coffee was a heart warmer. I waited till yesterday to open it because I wanted to take photos of the packaging and everything. When I finally got to grind the beans and brew it, I skipped to the stove and waited by the stove while the peculator did it’s magic. I made each Justin and I a small cup of fresh brewed coffee mixed with a little homemade maple syrup and almond milk – this wonderful l combination made for a delicious cup of coffee! The beans were a little darker than we like it, but it is still delicious brewed with a peculator. Today we are brewing it in the coffee make to try and see how that effects the flavor. Jake’s favorite way to have coffee is something I have yet to add to my brewing collection – pour over! Trust me it is my next investment! Overall the coffee was smooth with just a little bitterness and hint of bourbon added sweetness that I would call a delicious cup of joe!

Why do I love coffee so much you may ask? It’s not just because it gives me energy to get through the day – but it’s like a warm hug to warm the soul. I instantly fill bliss when the hot deliciousness hits my stomach – I know at that moment that I can conquer the world. That is a lot of power in one little mug isn’t it!? Well, my mug isn’t so tiny – it’s like 2-3 cups of Joe. I even traveled to multiple stores to find the coffee maker I wanted – the insulated kraft and not the glass one so my coffee didn’t burn. Every morning Justin or I freshly grind our beans and  place cold water into the coffee maker and wait for that joy in a cup each morning.

This was a coffee lovers dream – to have fresh home roasted beans delivered to her door to taste test! Be still my heart! Keep your eyes open for more coffee news!

Happy Wednesday – may that extra cup of coffee you needed after too much Cinco de Mayo celebrating last night be delicious!

With Love – Christine