Style Guide for your Engagement Session

April 13, 2022

How to dress for your engagement session

Your engagement session marks the beginning of your story as a couple. It’s your big announcement to the world – you’re getting married!

It’s okay to be nervous for your session – most people are! Deciding what to wear ahead of time can help you feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Let’s make sure your engagement session is a true reflection of who you are.

Pro tips on what to wear

Get comfy. 

Want to look comfortable in your pictures? Dress that way! If your location includes a lot of walking, wear comfortable shoes, but steer clear of a casual tennis shoe. Opt for cute flats or boots with a sturdy heel instead of 5-inch stilettos. You can always change if you need to.

Wear what feels right. 

Wear clothes that fit your personality! Choose an outfit that looks like “you.” We want to showcase who you are as a person and a couple. Don’t worry too much about what other couples wore in their photos. Be true to who you are and wear something that feels authentic. 

Keep it coordinated. 

You and your partner should wear clothes at the same level of “dressiness.” Wear colors that complement each other, staying away from neon, distracting patterns, and large text or logos. And trust us on this one, don’t wear matching outfits.

Wear a nice t-shirt under a dress shirt. 

For your shirt underneath your dress shirt, pick one with a nice collar. Make sure there’s no yellow ring or discoloration. Accenting colors always look nice, and white will help reflect light. 

Complement your location. 

Are you taking pictures in a natural setting? Wear clothes with similar natural colors. If you’re shooting in more of an urban location, try playing with bolder styles and colors. To stand out in any location, try red or yellow. These look good anywhere!

Choose colors that complement your skin tone. 

If you have a lighter complexion, avoid white clothing. It might wash you out in photographs. Try taking some photos before your big day to see what goes well with your skin tone and experiment with how different colors look on camera.

Bring 4 or 5 different outfits. 

No, you do not have to wear them all! You’ll probably end up wearing two or three. Having backup comes in handy if your session involves the possibility of getting wet or dirty. Extra shoes are a must. Also, bring some makeup and lip gloss or chapstick so your lips and face look and feel fresh throughout your session. 

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Now that we’ve covered how to dress, let’s talk about how NOT to dress.

Avoid clothes that accentuate your least favorite body part.

We all have certain parts of our body we’re less than fond of. If there’s a part of your body you’d rather not emphasize, avoid clothing that accentuates it. You don’t like your arms, avoid sleeveless tops or strapless dresses (and that also applies to wedding gowns!). If you don’t like your legs, avoid short skirts and dresses or wear some nice leggings underneath. Darker colors like navy blue or black look great and provide a slimming effect – I use this trick ALL the time!

Avoid fluorescent colors. 

Fluorescent colors, like bright orange or anything resembling a highlighter, tend to mess with the other colors in your photos. It’s best to avoid these all costs. 

Avoid major changes with your hair and makeup.

Your engagement photos should reflect who you are. You should feel comfortable in your skin! Don’t go crazy trying new makeup styles. We suggest sticking to your favorite, go-to makeup routine or getting your makeup done professionally for your session. Be sure to do a trial run so you know exactly how the end product will look in your photos. 

Avoid wearing large, untucked shirts.

If you’re wearing a button-up shirt, wear a nice belt. If un-tucked shirts are too big or too wide, they can look boxy on camera. Fitted shirts and jackets make for more flattering shapes. And remember, it’s totally okay to purchase a shirt and return it after your session.

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Get ready to have a ton of fun.

Think about yourself 5-10 years from now. How do you want to feel looking back at your photos? Let that vision guide how you’d like to look for your session, but most importantly, be yourself, be comfortable, and be prepared for anything. Don’t hesitate to ask us for ideas and inspiration. It’s our job, and our pleasure, to help you have an amazing photography experience. 

We at Natural Intuition Photography have been photographing weddings and engagements for over a decade. With our super-secret combo of making people laugh, harnessing the best light, and pumping up two people in love, we take some pretty rad photos. Don’t be surprised if your session turns into a dance party or laughing fest complete with happy tears.

If you’re looking for natural, journalistic-style photos you can treasure for a lifetime, we’ll get along just fine. CLICK HERE to check out some of our favorite engagement and couple sessions.