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You can reach us directly through email at: [email protected]

What makes us different?

We aren’t like other photographers, but how so?

Authentic connections are what drives us, both in our everyday life and when it comes to capturing weddings.

It’s kind of like dating and looking for “the one.” We don’t expect that every person who sees our work to connect with it because our style is natural, authentic, and not overly posed.

But when you find the one you connect with, it’s like BOOM, right?

That’s what we want for our clients. That feeling that the minute we start to chat either via email or phone (or whatever) that it feels like the right fit. You love our work, you feel like you are talking to old friends, and that we’re genuine people you’d like to have at your wedding. BOOM. It’s a perfect match.

Over the years, we’ve learned what engaged couples are looking for in wedding day coverage and created packages that fit. You’ll notice that we include round trip travel up 4 hours round trip outside Madison in all of our wedding collections at no additional charge because we love new adventures!

So, dance your little hearts out, wiggle, sway, snuggle, be you!

Because you are damn awesome!