February 10, 2019


This time around with this new site, I took my time. Really thought about who we are as a brand and the people who we work with. In this blog, I am going to share it all. So please, fill your cup of coffee and keep reading.

We are your photographers if:

  • love to dance barefoot
  • not afraid to get a little dirty (there is always a magical dry cleaner!)
  • willing to trust us & try something new

We are photographers who want you to embrace the weirdo inside of all of us. We have had bad photos taken, so trust us, we get it! We do not want that experience for our clients. We want you to wiggle it out when your feeling stiff, we will be playing some music so dance it out!

Why do we love doing this?

Photography allows us to photograph you creating memories. Those moments you are cuddling your little ones, they grow so fast. These images we help create allows you to go back in time every chance you get.

Weddings allow us to capture memories that you helped create. You brought all your favorite people together on an incredibly happy day. Wedding days remind us that there is so much love in the world. While the outside world around us may seem ugly at times, weddings are the best way to be reminded of just how beautiful it all still is.

Engagement and Anniversary sessions allow us to help you see how beautiful your love is. You get to see how they look at you with so much love. You can also share that with your family, it’s so beautiful to see. This is my favorite part when Justin and I get our photos taken. I love how safe I look in his arms, and how happy he looks holding me.

What are we excited about in 2019!?

Oh my gosh so much is happening!

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary together! We met each other 10 years go – whoa! I cannot wait to share what the story of us is and what the last 10 years have been in June! We are celebrating with a week in our favorite state, Washington! Know anyone in the Seattle area who wants photos? Send them our way! We will be there June 4th-11th.

We are heading to Iceland to photograph a rad elopement! WHAT!? YES! Dude I have to pinch myself sometimes that is is real life!

There are so many things happening on this site too – stock photography is going to become a thing we will be selling! New prints will be added to the print shop! Oh and more I am not sharing yet – it will be a surprise!

We are launching a personal blog about our lives, things we love and the beautiful city of Madison Wisconsin! SITE COMING SOON!

THANK YOU for being a part of this adventure we are in together! We are excited to see where this takes us and have you along for the ride!

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