Shoot and Share FINALIST & SOLD OUT Workshop!

March 2, 2017

Ya’ll yesterday was a freaking amazing day! First, the RAD PHOTOGRAPHERS RETREAT ….. SOLD OUT! WHAT!? I double and triple checked my emails before announcing and I was in SHOCK for a long time! Justin got home from bowling and we celebrated with a Central Water Brewery Nineteen!

This retreat is my heart pouring out, wanting to create a safe place for woman to come, learn and relax. I’ve been to a ton of workshops – and sometimes it can be intimidating when in a room of 20 or more people. You want to so badly ask a question, but you don’t raise your hand in fear of being judged. So I planned this retreat to have 10 attendees and only 4 speakers – this way we can keep it intimate and more of a discussion rather than a class where someone talks at you. Man, I cannot wait for this!

Wisconsin Wedding Workshop - Rad Photographers Retreat

This announcement came a day after I found 2 dresses for the Rad Photographers Retreat Wedding Inspiration Shoot! Yes, TWO! The amazing people at Miss Ruby Boutique and I got together to look through their amazing selection of gowns to find the perfect dress for a moody shoot. I could have stayed in the sea of these beautiful gowns forever! If your in need of a gown for your wedding – head on over to Miss Ruby’s with your girls and have some fun finding the dress of your dreams!

Miss Ruby Boutique - Rad Photographers Retreat, Married in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

To make my Thursday even better I opened up an email from Shoot and Share to find out I was a FINALIST in the rad contest they have each year. This is my SECOND time in a row getting to the finals!  At least ONE of my photos made it to the top 3.5% of ALL photos in the contest! WHAT!? Out of 360,000+ images submitted! I go into this hoping at least one photo makes it – and last year a lot of mine made it / CLICK HERE to see last years photos ratings. What did we celebrate with this time!? PIZZA! Yes, delicious gluten free pizza from Glass Nickel Pizza with a glass of Pepsi! I could only cheat one day of my gluten free diet. (trying to go at least 6 months with a 90% gluten free diet! Come on I can’t go cold turkey on beer!)

It was a fabulous week – with today we are FINALLY going to IKEA for some items for our tiny apartment AND for the Rad Photographers Retreat! We’ve been trying to get to IKEA since we moved to Madison last May. So wish us luck that we don’t come home with more than we need! Or fall asleep in one of their set up rooms!

I want to also express that I am so honored and thankful to be doing what I am doing. I never thought in a million years that I would be a wedding photographer. The girl that never thought about getting married and dreamed of working in an office building. Wow things are different – I LOVE weddings and I am working from home! I always thought I would be a business owner, but never thought I’d be working at home. Thankfully a friend from High School asked me to photograph his wedding (I said no), and my sister for pushing me to start a business. It’s crazy where life takes you huh!?