The Best Places to Elope in Olympic National Park

February 16, 2022

6 Rad Locations to Elope in Olympic National Park

Eloping in one of America’s most beautiful national parks doesn’t require much convincing. With a variety of epic landscapes to choose from like beaches, rainforests, and mountains, you’re sure to find a backdrop you and your partner will love.

Planning your Olympic National Park elopement requires some research. As expert elopement photographers and frequent visitors of Olympic National park, we’ve created this guide to make it easier for you.

In this post, you’ll find our suggestions for ceremony locations, lodging, and eloping logistics. And don’t worry, if you’re not willing to trade your white wedding pumps in for hiking boots, we’ve got you covered. 

Epic Ceremony Locations 

Ruby Beach

We’re starting off with one of our favorite locations in all of Olympic National Park: Ruby Beach. This iconic, reddish sand beach features stunning rock formations and loads of driftwood to serve as the perfect backdrop to a beachy elopement.

Though it’s one of the more popular locations within the park, you can get a piece of the beach to yourself with a short jaunt up-shore. We especially recommend this spot for a sunrise ceremony. The early light on the water is truly magical. 

Rialto Beach 

For another beachy option, we recommend Rialto Beach. Though its driftwood shores and stacked rock formations are similar to Ruby Beach, Rialto is bigger and typically requires more of a hike. If you’re looking for something a bit moodier, you can’t beat the misty morning fog. 

La Push

La Push is a collection of three beaches: First, Second, and Third Beach. Though they also feature those iconic rock formations and driftwood piles, these beaches are more secluded than others in the park, creating a space for a truly intimate elopement. 

Hurricane Ridge

If you’re looking for a classic, mountainous landscape, you’ll love Hurricane Ridge. This alpine destination is perfect for an intimate ceremony surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

Now, we’re ALWAYS up for roughing it to a remote elopement session, but we understand wanting an epic location without an epic hike. Fortunately, Hurricane Ridge is accessible by car, making this the perfect spot for couples wanting just a touch of adventure.

Lake Crescent

Featuring sparkling waters nestled between evergreen cliffs, this spot is perfect for the couple wanting a variety of natural backdrops. Say your vows lake-side on the pier or beneath the forest’s mossy trees. With nearby lodging and campsites, this spot is especially perfect for couples inviting a few of their closest friends and family.

Lake Cushman

For another lakeside option, we’d also recommend Lake Cushman. This spot features rocky beaches and panoramic lake views framed by forested mountains. Surrounded by trails, Lake Cushman offers a variety of hikes for more adventurous couples. But for those looking to relax, you can enjoy everything the area has to offer without leaving the lake.

6 Rad Locations to Elope in Olympic National Park

Where to stay to elope in Olympic National Park

Kalaloch Lodge

A cozy, laid-back retreat snuggled between driftwood shores and evergreens. See more info here!

Lake Crescent Lodge

A charming, turn-of-the-century resort nestled between fir and hemlock trees off the lakeshore. See more info here!

Lake Quinault Lodge

A warm and rustic year-round lodge steps away from the temperate rainforest.  See more info here!

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

Cozy, rustic cabin rentals with access to trails and hot springs. See more info here!


Looking to go all out with an adventure elopement? Check out these rad places to camp

Don’t forget your permit

Now that you’re dreaming about which corner of the park to hold your ceremony, make sure you don’t forget the logistical side of eloping in Olympic National Park. Before the event, you’ll need to apply for a special use permit. Make sure to allow 3-4 weeks for processing. 

You’re gonna need an epic photographer…

There are many spectacular sights in Olympic National Park to consider for your elopement. These are just a few of our favorites. As expert elopement photographers, nothing gets us more excited than when our clients choose nature as their venue.

We’re primed and ready with the best tips, tricks, and gear to capture the coolest destination elopement you can dream up. From the time of day to the time of year, we’ll help you choose and capture the perfect backdrop for your first of many epic adventures together.

Leave No Trace

As certified Leave No Trace photographers, we make sure to minimize our impact on the environment so you can enjoy your epic adventure in the most ethical way possible. We’ll ensure you have plenty of rad photos to document your special day, but first, we want to leave you with this reminder…

You can have the wedding YOU want.

You and your partner should do what feels right for you. This is a day to celebrate your relationship, to commit yourselves to one another, to usher in a new chapter of your life alongside your person. It’s “your day” for a reason, and that’s to enjoy it exactly how you’d like.

Ready to elope in Olympic National Park and have us as your Rad Photographers?


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