December 2, 2022

Why you should hire a photographer for your marriage proposal!

You’re ready to pop the big question to your partner and you want to make sure it goes PERFECTLY. We’re talking romantic, special, and memorable. Well, there’s no way to make it more memorable than to have a professional photographer there to capture your beautiful moment! Here are some reasons why you may want to hire a photographer for your wedding proposal.

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You’ll never forget the look on their face!

A professional photographer will capture the magic of this moment so that you can remember it forever. You’ll always be able to look back and remember every beautiful detail about when you proposed to the love of your life! You’ll remember the clothes you were wearing, the weather of the day, and, most importantly, the look on your partner’s face. Honestly, there’s no better reason than that. As natural intuition photographers, it’s our style to capture life at its best. That means the tears, laughs, and happy screams, captured for you to cherish as you start this next chapter. 

You’ll keep the proposal romantic!

When you hire a professional, you’ll have plenty of amazing photos to show your family instead of them coming to watch. Naturally, this allows you to propose in a more intimate and romantic way, away from prying eyes. Plus, hiring a photog gets phones out of the way for good. You don’t have to worry about having your friend miss the moment in order to capture a pic. And most importantly, it won’t be YOU trying to take the pictures. Professional photography for your proposal makes the memories of the moment so much more special!

You can make some cute announcements!

Just think about how epic your proposal photos would look on engagement announcements sent out to friends and family. And after that, how well they’ll translate to your social media when you decide to tell the world. Don’t worry about fumbling to snap a few photos of the ring. We’ll take care of all the shots and help you showcase this special moment. 

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It’s FUN!

At the end of the day, the only thing that actually matters is if you and your partner felt like it was perfect. When you hire professionals like us, we’re dedicated to making sure the photo shoot is fun and easy so the pressure of capturing the moment doesn’t fall on you. We know the right photos to take, how to help you and your partner feel like absolute rockstars, and make your special moment even more of a celebration. Oh – and if you’re into celebratory dance parties, that’s totally our thing. 

Let’s make some memories!

No more waiting to pop that question. It’s time to begin your beautiful journey through engagement and into marriage, and we’d love to be there for you every step of the way! Between our rad dance parties and the totally beautiful love between you and your partner, it’ll be a heck of a celebration. Let’s do this!

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