Confession Friday / Our Madison Life

June 10, 2016
Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer, Beer Lover, Travel Wisocnsin
Photo by Abbots Lane Photography

Oh my gosh ya’ll, we have lived in Madison Wisconsin for one week now! It’s been a whirl wind the past few weeks with the move, cleaning and setting up meetings with new friends and clients. Since moving here we’ve spent an evening with the amazing people behind Love Madison Wedding Blog, caught up with our friends over at Maison Meredith Photography, taste tested some home brewed cider beer, booked a styled shoot for July, checked out the amazing venue Lageret for a styled shoot with Midwestern Bride coming in August, had a coffee date with a bride and her Mom, and traveled to a few breweries with friends. This weekend we are diving right into the crazy time of year with a Northwoods wedding and engagement.  Along with all that we have been continuing to unpack, decorate and get the lay of the land. Madison Wisconsin has so far been a blast and we are enjoying every moment of it.

I also want to answer the number one question that we were asked, and still are being asked. Why did we move to Madison? There are many reasons why we moved – but the biggest ones were so Justin could finish school and get a better job, and for me it’s so I could be more active. Stevens Point was amazing the 7 years we lived there together, but we got to complacent. We were so ready for a change and something a little drastic – so after some discussion we decided to move to Madison Wisconsin when our lease was up. It was a huge leap of faith, but so far it is the best decision we could have made – both for our lives, relationship and business.

Was this move scary? Heck yes! I was stressed out to the max for the weeks coming up to the move – but along with this fear I was so freaking excited! I was excited or the food, the beer and for the beauty that is this city. My favorite part so far is the food and beer! Even the grocery stores have more options for us – good thing that there is so many places to walk to, otherwise I would end up a few hundred pounds heavier by the end of the year. (And no I am not talking about walking to Dunken Donuts daily – even though it’s tempting!)

Do you have a favorite spot in Madison to visit, to have a beer or a great place for coffee? Share it with me – we are looking for new and rad places to go!