LAKE EFFECT CO | Product Shoot in Milwaukee WI

February 18, 2019

Product & Commerical Photography for Milwaukee Wisconsin Brand

I have been photographing Lake Effect Co, since they first started. It has been awesome watching this company grow. From amazing clothing and product line that keeps growing. To help out the environment with partnerships with Surfrider Foundation. This allows them to give 5% of every purchase to help protect our water.

This product photography shoot was to show the lake life and how her product helps you relax in your favorite lakeside cabin. Cozie up in a super soft sweatshirt while sipping on wine in your tumbler by the fire. Or never put back on real clothes and live in those joggers!

Lake life is all about slowing down, taking in the sounds of the lake that calms your mind. This is how I feel about all water. I learned how to swim before I was 2 years old, I learned by jumping right in. (no help) My Grandfather used to call me the Water Baby, as every chance I got I was in the water. To this day I find water so calming. In the Summer I go swimming every night to cleanse away the stress of the day.

The above is why I always thought this partnership between us and Lake Effect Co for their product always seemed like such a great fit. Also, I light one of their candles every single day, they are the best candles I have found.

Are you a lake lover? Someone who fines water calming? OR just loves super soft clothing and candles that last 40+ hours!? Head on over to their blog and shop!

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