Capturing More Than Moments: Why I Haven’t Niched Down

March 27, 2024

Exploring Every Corner of Creativity as a Photographer & How it Benefits You

Unconventional Photography??? Hey there, amazing humans! If you’ve wandered into photography circles, you’ve probably heard the buzz about “niching down.” The idea is like staying in your lane, but with a camera. Some say specializing in one genre, say wedding & elopement photography, is the ticket to the big leagues. But here’s the scoop, my friends–that’s just not my jam.

I love capturing moments, don’t get me wrong. There’s something magical about freezing time and preserving memories. But for me, photography is so much more than that. It’s a medium for exploring every corner of creativity.

The Beauty in Diversity – Unconventional Photography for you!

I’m all about color, texture, and the symphony of snapshots life plays every day. From the wild, heart-thumping “I do’s” on a mountain peak to those warm, fuzzy family cuddles in a home session, why limit the palette when the world’s a canvas? Stories are everywhere, in the milestones and the Monday mornings, and they all deserve their time in the spotlight.

Stay Fresh, Stay Funky

Creativity is like a muscle, and variety is its gym. Shake things up! Doing a family shoot in the morning and crafting branding images in the afternoon keeps the ideas fresh and my creative juices flowing like a groovy lava lamp. Plus, who knows what cool concepts you could cross-pollinate between different shoots?

A storyteller’s heart is pumping behind my lens, beating to the rhythm of life’s beautiful chaos. Families grow, businesses bloom, and each year, love stories unfold in countless new chapters. Why box in the narrative when every turn is a page worth capturing?

Milwaukee Studio Branding Photography Session

Diverse Portfolios Rock (Just Ask the Pros)

Don’t just take my word for it. The legends behind the lens, who’ve trekked through every genre forest from A to Z, share that this diverse approach keeps your art as alive and kicking as a morning cup of joe. It’s about stringing together the pearls of people’s lives into a necklace of kick-butt memories.

And hey, here’s a little secret between you and me!? Some photographers are like magical, multi-genre wizards, you just don’t see all the spells they’re casting! They’re out there capturing wild wedding dances at midnight and snapping serene landscapes at dawn. They might be your go-to family portrait guru, and at the same time, the undercover master of edgy fashion shoots. The thing is, they might not show every ace up their sleeve, but trust me, their deck is chock-full of diverse and dazzling cards. Who knows, exploring their hidden portfolio gems could inspire your next adventurous photo session!

And you know what? Clients dig it. They’re stoked to see that the same photographer who knocked their wedding out of the park can also catch the essence of their startup’s brand or their kiddo’s toothless grin. It’s all about individuality – theirs, yours, mine – wrapped in a picture-perfect package.

Spring Family session in Madison Wisconsin at the UW-Arboretum, Madison Family Photographer, Wisconsin Family Photographer, Cherry Blossoms

The Superpower of Adaptability in Photography

In this wild photo-riffic world, being nimble is key. Our industry buds agree that flexibility is primo – you gotta ride the waves, not wait for ’em. Whether it’s a seaside elopement or a downtown boutique needing some snazzy shots, adaptability is my middle name (well, it’s actually not, but you get the picture). So let’s mix things up, try new angles and techniques, and see what magic we can create together because being unconventional is where the real fun begins.

So come on, let’s dance to our own beat and craft some epic stories without borders – because who wants to be boxed in any way? Let’s keep pushing the boundaries, exploring new styles, and capturing the beauty of life in all its chaotic wonder. Because when it comes down to it, that’s what makes art truly special. Its ability to capture the fleeting moments and create lasting memories. And with a diverse portfolio, we can do just that. So, let’s embrace our unconventional sides and see where they take us!

Madison Engagement session locations, Natural Intuition Photography, Unconventional Photography

One Genre to Rule Them All? Nope, Thanks! I am the niche, as there is only one of me!

Here’s the thing – the magic doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it happens in the busy streets, the quiet moments at home, the first dances, and the golden anniversaries. Compelling tales don’t know genre boundaries, and neither do I. Each gig’s a new adventure, and I’m here for it – passport in hand and camera charged.

Your Story, Through My Lens of Natural Intuition Photography

Enough about me, though. This is about you! Your grand adventure, your business milestones, your family’s laugh lines – each deserves to be celebrated in its own, unrepeatably spectacular way. And hey, if that means breaking the niche mold, then consider it smasheroonied!

Flashing lights and drum roll, please! If you’re itching for Unconventional Photography that zig when others zag, holler my way. Book a personalized photo session today, and we’ll make memories that’ll have you beaming bigger than a cat in a sunbeam. Here’s to the stories yet snapped!

Until then, keep shining, you photo-loving rockstars! 🌟

P.S. Ready for your close-up? Book your session now, and let’s create something brilliantly for you.

Now, go be awesome!