October 3, 2022

Why You Should Have Two Photographers at Your Wedding

Do you know that old saying? “Two heads are better than one.” Well, it turns out that’s also true for photographers! When you hire us for your wedding day, you’re getting the best package deal in the business. 

You might be asking “why would I get two if one can do the job?” Great question, here are a few reasons why having two of us is WAY better than one:

More Photographers = More Creative Eyes

There’s a lot to think about when we’re capturing your wedding photos. Is the lighting right? How’s my framing? What emotions am I trying to capture? The questions go on. It can be challenging to keep all these things in mind and maintain a creative mindset about the photos we’re taking. 

But, having two photogs along for the ride means that we can easily capture quick in-between moments like the first kiss or a loving smile thanks to constantly having two sets of eyes. Plus, you’re getting double the creativity and double the photo opportunities. When one of us has an idea for a rad photo, the other can think of ways to make it even better! Between the two of us, it becomes incredibly easy to get awesome and memorable pictures of you – from tons of different angles.

More Photographers = More Hands 

Of course, having two photographers means less time running back and forth from the car for setup, but it also means there’s an extra pair of hands for you. While one of us is shooting, the other can be providing creative direction, grabbing grumpy grandpas for family portraits, or finding the lost box of bobby pins. We may be there to take photos, but we’re one of the few vendors who’s with you all day! We’ll do whatever we can to make your day special (not stressful) so you can worry about yourself.

Capture two sides to your special day 

One major benefit to having two photographers at your wedding is that we can focus on multiple moments of your day where one photographer could not. For example, one of us could follow you – the other could follow your partner. 

This means we can get some epic photos of both of you without compromising on the timeline. And like magic, we can capture one moment two ways. Plus, you’ll have more memories of the day with plenty of pictures to look back on.

What Christine Sees
What Justin Sees

Double the fun!

Finally, when you bring in two photographers, you’ll double the fun. At least, that’s how it is when you book with us. We love to take photos of your dance party as much as we love dancing ourselves. We’re here to help you enjoy your day, so much so that by the time it’s over, all of your photos will be filled with smiles and happy memories to cherish for years to come.

Let’s do this!

Those are just a few of the reasons why hiring two photographers is better than one. If you’re wondering: “where can I find two photogs that work well together?” Look no further.

We’re Natural Intuition Photography – 

A down-to-earth photography duo with over a decade of professional experience. Whether you’re booking an epic elopement adventure or a brand photography session, our ethos is the same: authentic photos happen when you feel like your best self. And it’s our job to make sure you do!

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