Cassie & Zack / Engaged

November 9, 2015

Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0001Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0002Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0003Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0004Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0005Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0006Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0007These two love birds met online and connected with their common love of comic books and Transformers. Cassie has two cats named Optimus Prime and Mega Tron – how freaking awesome is that? They had their first date at Summerfest, and the rest is history. They are now going on three years together and planning their dream wedding. When they aren’t busy traveling or camping they work hard at their jobs / Cassie is a social worker in Milwaukee while Zack works a full time job at the court house while part time working at the YMCA. Needless to say when they are together they make the moments count as much as they can, as they are rarely home to cuddle with their fur babies.

It was great to travel to Oconomowoc to meet up with Zack and Cassie, where they then took me to two amazing locations. The first one was a beautiful barn on 88 acres of land // by the way this land is for sale for only a few million dollars. You know if you just have that laying around and want some beautiful land to build your dream house on! You know I would jump on it if I have the equity! After that beautiful barn we traveled to a hay field that we had to get to by walking through a field of corn and up a beautiful hill while swatting mosquito’s. Whoever said that Fall was the end of mosquito season was so wrong! We all may have eaten a few during the last 20 minutes of the session. After spending an amazing time together laughing, making silly faces and telling each other stories we ended  sitting together in their living room talking even more with a beer. These two are my kind of people!

i cannot wait till your wedding day next october!

with love, christine



As Cassandra’s Mother, I couldn’t be more proud of Cassandra and Zack. Their love story is one for the history books. I know they will have a lifetime of loving memories. Thank you for capturing these two love birds so well!

Thank you so much Christine! The second place we went to was the family farm 🙂 What a perfect day we had. Cannot wait for our wedding day! ♡