5 Tips For Beautifully Candid “Getting Ready” Photos

September 19, 2022

Tips to Achieve Memorable Getting Ready Photos

If you’ve booked a photog for your entire wedding, your day is bound to start with the coveted getting ready photos. These first photos are where so much of the candid magic happens – your bridal party laughing in satin robes, your mom zipping up your dress, the groomsmen enjoying a celebratory cigar. Here are our top five tips for capturing them just right. 

1. Stay Organized

One of the best tips we can give you is to stay organized. This means keeping all your day-of supplies like makeup, clothes, flowers, and snacks in one place. The more organized you are, the less you have to worry about potentially losing something important when you’re getting ready (like your bouquet). 

Whether you’re renting a hotel room or sectioning off a chunk of your living room, keeping your items organized will help us take better pictures. There’s less scattered around the room AND we can help to quickly grab whatever you may need while we’re taking photos. 

5 Tips For Beautifully Candid “Getting Ready” Photos

2. Keep Your Spaces Clean

Not only should you keep your getting ready space organized, but you should also keep it clean. The cleaner the room, the better your photos. You don’t want the first shots of you in your dress to be set next to piles of clothes and overflowing makeup bags.

When there’s a lot of stuff lying around, it becomes difficult to focus the photos on what matters most: you! And remember, it’s your day. Don’t be afraid to delegate organization and clean up to a friend or family member. That way, you can focus on taking care of yourself without having to worry about everyone else’s stuff. 

3. Dance It Out

When in doubt, dance it out! Getting ready for your big day can be a little overwhelming. Don’t forget – this day is for you and your partner, no one else. If it all starts to feel like too much, take a moment to shake loose and take the pressure off. Not only will this help ground you in the present, a getting ready dance party makes for some awesome candid photos. When you look back on those pictures, you’ll remember the fun you had, not the stress you may have felt. 

4. Worry About Yourself

Focus on you. Trust the process and trust that everyone else is doing their best to help your day go as planned. Don’t worry about your partner, the guests, the caterer, or the DJ. You did so much work leading up to this day – it’s time it all paid off. If something comes up, have people assigned to handle it whether that’s your mother, wedding planner, or even, your photographer. 

5. Do your thing!

Get your hair done, put on your makeup, spray the perfume, and pop some champagne. We’re here to capture all those tiny, in-between moments. The ones you’ll probably forget about until you see them captured in time. Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t try to over-manicure your getting ready space. You’re not on a movie set, this is your authentic life – live it! Strike a balance between going with the plan for your day and going with the flow.

And there you have it! 

Those are our tips for taking the best getting ready photos. Our main message? Let everyone else do the worrying for you. We may be there to take photos, but we’re one of the few vendors who’s with you all day! We’ll do whatever we can to make your day special, not stressful, whether that’s figuring out the best lighting in your getting ready space, finding the safety pins, or keeping piles of clothes out of photos. We’re dedicated to your happiness and we can’t wait to see you on your special day.

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