What to Wear to Your Family Photography Session

March 18, 2024

Here are some tips for your upcoming family session: What should you wear?

Hey there, trendy families of Madison! Are you ready to make some magical memories that will last a lifetime? Alright, get set to flash those pearly whites and say “Cheese”—or “Wisconsin Cheddar,” because it’s all about keeping it local, right? 😄

In all seriousness, we are thrilled to be a part of capturing your family’s unique spirit and style. We celebrate individuality and love, showcasing each family’s one-of-a-kind dynamic through our photography.

But before we start snapping away, let’s talk about what to wear. You want your family to look their best while also feeling comfortable and confident. So, here are a few tips and suggestions to help unleash your family’s inner vogue!

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Quick Tips for What to Wear to Your Family Session

  • Mix and match patterns: Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns and textures! This adds visual interest and shows off your family’s fun personality.
  • Coordinate color schemes: While you don’t need everyone to wear the exact same outfit, choosing a cohesive color scheme will bring your family’s look together harmoniously.
  • Incorporate accessories: Accessories can take an outfit from plain to polished. Scarves, hats, belts, and jewelry are great ways to add some extra flair to your family’s outfits.
  • Dress for the season/location: Consider the location and time of year when picking out outfits. For example, if you’re planning a beach shoot in the summer, flowy sundresses and sandals would be perfect. If you’re taking photos in a park during the fall, cozy sweaters and boots will give off that autumnal vibe.
  • Be yourselves: Most importantly, make sure everyone feels comfortable and true to themselves. This is your family’s moment to shine, so let your personalities shine through!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Remember, the possibilities are endless, and that’s the beauty of capturing your family’s unique story. So let loose, have fun, and get ready for some amazing photos that truly reflect who you are as a family. Cheers to celebrating individuality! 🎉 Keep creating those unforgettable memories!

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Feeling Good Is Looking Good

When it comes to family photoshoots, we can all agree—it’s not just about how dazzling you look, it’s about how awesome you feel. Picking outfits shouldn’t be tougher than explaining Snapchat to Grandma. It’s your time to shine together, and that calls for a mix of casual elegance and timeless charm.

Seasonal Sass with a Dash of Class

Madison/Wisconsin weather, am I right? Whether we’re wrapped up for a cozy winter shoot or soaking in the golden summer sun, seasonal styles are where it’s at. Go for those layering looks when the leaves fall or breezy fabrics that whisper ‘summer joy’. Remember, layers aren’t just trendy—they’re also practical (hello, Wisconsin winds!).

Say “Nope” to Neon, and “Yes” to Coordinated Colors

When planning your ensembles, aim for colors that complement each other without screaming louder than a Packers fan at kickoff. Soft tones, earthy vibes, or pastel palettes? Imagine your family’s outfits as a serene painting—coordinated but each with its own vibe. If you use it to highlight a book, don’t wear it.

But hey, don’t be afraid to throw in some pops of color! Think of it as the secret sauce that brings the whole dish together. A vibrant scarf, a funky pair of socks, or that outrageously cool hat you’ve been dying to show off. These aren’t just accessories; they’re conversation starters, the cherry on top of your family’s already fabulous ensemble. It’s like adding a bit of spice to a recipe – it doesn’t overpower, but it sure does make things interesting. Let those pops of color shout out the unique personalities in your squad. After all, why blend in when you were born to stand out?

Check out our Pinterest Board for some inspiration.

Logos and Loud Patterns? Less is More

Rule of thumb: If it’s big enough to be seen from Lambeau Field, it’s a no-go. Keep it classy with solids or subtle patterns. Clothing with large logos is like that one uncle who can’t stop telling jokes during Thanksgiving dinner—distracting!

Wisconsin Family Photography - What to Wear to your Session, Family Photo Outfits, Seasonal Fashion Tips, Madison Family Photographer

Celebrate Your Individuality

You want to look together, not like you’ve just stepped out of a matching-outfit conveyor belt. Consider each family member’s unique style, because hey, it’s your individual flair that creates that collective spark.

Don’t forget, this photoshoot is all about capturing the vibrant tapestry of your family, so if your little one insists on wearing their neon-pink tutu or refuses to part with their cherished dinosaur sneakers—embrace it! Is someone in the clan particularly fond of their royal blue hoodie? Perfect, let it shine. And for those moments when you’re wrestling with shoelaces that just won’t cooperate, remember barefoot is completely on trend, earthy, and oh-so-cute. Or stick with those well-loved tennis shoes. They tell a story, your story.

Also, why not bring along that treasured family blanket, the one that’s been with you through picnics, movies on the couch, and everything in between? Or perhaps a favorite stuffed toy that’s more than just a bedtime companion—it’s a member of the family. These aren’t just things; they’re threads in the fabric of your memories, vibrant splashes of color in the canvas of your lives. These details, they’re what make these moments unforgettable. They’re the essence of you, delightfully unconventional and gleefully real.

Making Memories in Madison

Imagine strolling through the Arboretum or lining up by the Capitol, decked out in your comfy yet camera-ready outfits. Make it as memorable as those cheese curds at the Farmer’s Market (yum!).

Final Touches for That Photo-finish Look

Accessorize thoughtfully. A pop of color with scarves, or a sassy hat can upgrade your look. But keep in mind, if your tot can’t sit still because their headband is doing a balancing act, it’s probably best left at home.

Feeling ready? Fabulous! When it comes to family photo outfits, it’s all about breathing easy, finding that sweet spot between “we actually woke up like this” and “oh, we just casually co-ordinate our tones”. Dress for joy, comfort, and a sprinkle of style.

Ready to book that fun-filled family photography session with authentic Wisconsin flair? Reach out and let’s capture those candid grins and genuine laughter amidst our beloved Madison landscapes.

Remember, at the end of the day, it’s the laughs, the hugs, and the quirky personality of your tribe that will make your photos a treasure forever. You bring the love; we’ll capture the moments.

Wear, smile, click, repeat! Go rock that family photography session with flairs of fashion that fly high like our state bird—the noble robin. 🐦

P.S. Don’t forget to pack a snack for the squad—happy faces require fuel, after all.

And keep smiling, Madison—it’s your family’s time to sparkle!