The Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Wisconsin

February 24, 2024

The Breathtaking Backdrops Awaiting Wisconsin Brides: Top 20 Outdoor Wedding Venues

Wisconsin isn’t just the land of cheese and the Green Bay Packers. It’s also a treasure trove of breathtaking natural splendor. Perfect for those wanting to get married surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. With its variety of prairies, majestic bluffs, and tranquil lakes. Wisconsin sets the stage for the most epic weddings. Here’s your invitation to a wedding venue hunt like no other! Strap in as we uncover your big day’s top 20 Wisconsin outdoor wedding venues.

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1. The Fields Reserve, Stoughton, Wisconsin

Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin, The Fields Reserve is like a fairytale spot – it’s stunning! Imagine being surrounded by wildflowers! And when the sun starts to set, oh boy! Everything turns gold and sparkly, just like in a magical movie. It’s the kind of place where you can make the best memories. Plus, with so much incredible nature around, you’ll feel like your love story is just as beautiful as the sky above.

Barn wedding in Wisconsin, field reserve stoughton wisconsin, Outdoor Wedding Venues in Wisconsin

2. Camp Wandawega, Elkhorn, Wisconsin

This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill venue; it’s where your adventurous spirit runs free! Throw in some canoe vows or a fireside “I do” to the mix. At Camp Wandawega, your big day is as unconventional as you wish it to be. The camp celebrates love in all its forms, offering each couple the canvas to paint their unique love story.

With accommodations right on site, from rustic and beautifully designed homes to small rustic tents! There are even small vintage RVs on-site! Something for everyone!

3. Indian Point Manor, Boscobel, Wisconsin

Nestled along the scenic banks of the Wisconsin River, Indian Point Manor embodies a rustic and beautiful countryside setting. Lush woodlands and meadows surround this historic manor, offering a charming blend of natural beauty and timeless sophistication.

Couples can exchange vows surrounding the stunning estate, with options for outdoor ceremonies overlooking the river or indoor celebrations within the elegantly appointed manor. From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, Indian Point Manor offers a romantic escape where every detail is tailored to create unforgettable moments of love and celebration amidst the serene beauty of rural Wisconsin.

4. Camp Elsewhere, Waupaca, Wisconsin

Step into Camp Elsewhere and find yourself in a haven where the unconventional is celebrated daily. Imagine tying the knot amidst an explosion of colors, with festoon lights twinkling like stars above you and every little corner bursting with character.

This place is an ode to the free spirits and a wink to the wild hearts. Set against a backdrop of whispering woods and chirping laughter, Camp Elsewhere isn’t just another spot on the map; it’s where love stories get a sprinkle of fairy dust. And where the promise of “forever” gets as real as the eclectic decor around you

5. Burlap Bells, Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Burlap Bells is that one-of-a-kind spot where your boho dreams come skipping delightfully to life, hand-in-hand with Mother Nature’s wildest whims. It’s not just a venue; it’s a vibrant testament to the beauty of marriage. Picture this: you, your soulmate, and a canopy of trees dance with emerald leaves.

Guests can revel in the bespoke comfort, where every glance holds a touch of the unexpected – heirloom quilts wrapped in the aroma of pine and affection. So grab your love by the hand, toss tradition to the wind, and let your hearts declare, “This is us; this is our wild romance!” in an arena that applauds your unique love story.

6. Harvest Moon Pond Wedding & Event Venue, Poynette, Wisconsin

Fall showers gold upon The Harvest Moon Haven, where the amber air sings the praises of familial love. A cornucopia of riches decorates this Royal Oak Grove, a place where matrimony and nature intertwine their abundant gifts.

For the couple who believes in the cyclical nature of life and love. The Harvest Moon Haven speaks of perpetual returns and the enduring joy of a shared path. It’s a venue that cherishes the multifaceted riches of partnerships.

Barn wedding in Wisconsin, field reserve stoughton wisconsin, Outdoor Wedding Venues in Wisconsin

7. The Gathering Place At Red Oak, Baraboo, Wisconsin

Imagine a place where your love story climbs to enchanting new heights amidst the rustic grandeur of Baraboo’s rolling hills. The Gathering Place At Red Oak isn’t just a venue; it’s the heartbeat of your love narrative, nestled in the lush Wisconsin landscapes.

Booking your wedding at Devils Lake State Park means saying ‘yes’ to hell no to tradition and, yes, intimate moments under the branches of ancient trees. Have a beautiful ceremony by the lake, surrounded by bluffs. Take a break from the crowd and hike the bluffs for an epic sunset photo! OR, wake up early & have the place to yourselves for an intimate ceremony on top of your favorite lookout!

8. The Hidden Meadow, Pepin, Wisconsin

Nestled in a serene valley where wildflowers bloom and gentle breezes whisper through the trees, The Hidden Meadow is more than just a wedding venue—it’s a magical setting where love stories unfold, and unforgettable memories are made. With its breathtaking landscapes and picturesque backdrops, it’s no wonder that couples seeking beauty and tranquility for their special day consider this venue to be a hidden treasure.

9. Villa Terrace, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Nestled in the heart of timeless elegance, Villa Terrace boasts an enchanting atmosphere that is every wedding couple’s dream. Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by lush, manicured gardens, with a panorama of sapphire skies touching the serene waters of a sparkling lake as your backdrop.

From the sun-kissed terracotta to the intricate wrought-iron gates, Villa Terrace exudes a romantic allure reminiscent of a Tuscan estate, delivering an unforgettable ambiance. With its majestic Renaissance architecture and sweeping courtyards, this venue promises a plethora of stunning photographic opportunities to capture every precious moment of your nuptials.

10. Over the Vines, Edgerton, Wisconsin

Nestled in the heart of breathtaking landscapes, Over the Vines wedding venue is the idyllic setting that dream weddings are made of. With its picturesque rows of lush grapevines and the rustic elegance of its barn, it’s easy to see why couples find themselves enchanted with the allure of this exceptional locale.

The meticulously restored barn, a perfect fusion of charm and sophistication, presents an inviting space for your reception. Exposed wood beams and soft lighting cast a warm glow over your celebration, while modern amenities ensure comfort and convenience for you and your guests.

11. The Barn at the Bog, Saukville, Wisconsin

Your love story deserves a setting as unique and wonderful as you two are! Whether you’re the outdoorsy pair who thrives in fresh air or the stylish duo looking for that picture-perfect backdrop, our barn is the “it” spot to tie the knot.

Talk about ambiance? The Barn at the Bog’s got vibes for days! The twinkling lights woven through the wooden beams give off that “fairytale forest” feel without any fairy godmother fuss. Slip on your dancing shoes because even the floorboards are pumped to celebrate you!

12. La Pointe, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Step into the enchanting world of La Pointe, where fairy-tale weddings aren’t just dreams. They’re our raison d’être! Nestled in the heart of idyllic landscapes, this venue whispers stories of romance with every breezy rustle through its timeless groves.

Here’s the scoop–La Pointe isn’t your run-of-the-mill wedding spot. It’s a vibrant canvas awaiting your personal love story. With expansive verdant lawns kissed by golden sunlight and cozy nooks that invite intimate moments, La Pointe is where “I do” echoes beautifully into the start of your lifelong adventure together.

13. The Greenhouse at Bittersweet, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Nestled in the heart of nature’s serene splendor, The Greenhouse at Bittersweet is the dreamiest spot you’ve ever laid eyes on for tying the knot! With its sun-kissed, leafy canopies and twinkling fairy lights, this gem is all about rocking that rustic-chic vibe while you and your sweetheart say, “I do.”

Now, picture this: breeze-dancing flowers as far as the eyes can see and the soft patter of sunlight as it sneaks through the glass—it’s like Mother Nature herself is giving a standing ovation to your love story. Every nook of this enchanting haven screams romance with a capital R.

14. Rondele Ranch, Harshaw, Wisconsin

Every moment at Rondele Ranch is an Instagrammable fairy tale, all with the relaxed vibes that make you wanna kick off your heels, grab a mason jar of something sparkly, and believe in the power of love’s true bliss.

Are you a pair of wildflower-hearted romantics seeking something so unspeakably beautiful it’ll make your heart do cartwheels? Then, high-tail it to Rondele Ranch, where love roams wild and free, and happily ever after starts with a dash of daring and a venue that gets you.

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15. Sugarland, Arena, Wisconsin

Step into Sugarland – the wedding venue where love stories get the sweetest backdrop. Imagine saying “I do” surrounded by picturesque views that make every snap Insta-worthy! With landscapes that turn from morning mists to golden sunsets, your special day is set to be as epic as your love story.

It is not just another cookie-cutter venue; it’s a canvas for your wildest wedding dreams. Whether you’re planning a grandiose gala or an intimate ‘I do,’ Sugarland’s versatility makes it the ultimate spot for couples who want to break free from the ballroom and create a day as unique as their fingerprints.

16. The Gardens Wedding Center, Allenton, Wisconsin

Step into a matrimonial paradise and say ‘I do’ amidst the breathtaking beauty of The Gardens Wedding Center! This isn’t just any venue; it’s where fairytale weddings are brought to life. Imagine exchanging vows under the soft caress of golden sunlight, surrounded by nature’s splendor—sounds dreamy.

From enchanted gardens that bloom with love to the picturesque gazebos that whisper tales of romance, every corner at The Gardens is meticulously crafted to make your big day as unique as your love story. Think lush greenery, radiant flowers, and serene water features—you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for those magical ‘first-look’ photos!

17. Abloom Farm, Saukeville, Wisconsin

Step into the enchanting world of Abloom Farm, where your dream wedding becomes a delightful reality! Nestled surrounded by meadows and dancing wildflowers. This is the place where love stories are not just celebrated but bloom in full splendor.

Why Abloom Farm, you ask? Because here, your uniqueness is the main guest. Bring your quirkiest décor ideas or your grandpa’s famous apple pie recipe. This venue is about making your wedding as extraordinary and unique as your love story.

18. Northern Haus, Sister Bay, Wisconsin

Expect no less than enchanting forests hugging a serene, picture-perfect setting that screams, “This is THE place!” Whether you’re going for rustic chic vibes or an elegantly wild affair, this venue flexes more than a yogi to match your wedding wish list. Northern Haus is not your average “I do” destination. It’s the dreamy escape where love stories get the fairytale kickoff they deserve!

Picture this: your heartfelt vows echoed by birdsongs, your first dance under a canopy of twinkling stars, and memories captured with every click amid nature’s finest backdrop. Yeah, we’re swooning too!

19. Greenhouse #7, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As sunlight peeks through crystal-clear panes; it casts a natural spotlight on your “I do” moment. It’s like Mother Nature herself RSVP’d, yes! Bring nature inside this stunning venue Greenhouse #7!

Feeling the rustic do-it-your-way kind of celebration? Or maybe you’re after refined elegance with a side of boho-chic? Whatever your jam, we’ve got the versatility to match. Trust us, every corner is Instagram gold, and your guests will be hashtagging the heck out of your shindig.

20. Straits Chapel, Kohler, Wisconsin

Straits Chapel isn’t just a place; it’s the canvas where your dream wedding paints itself. It’s got charm that’s off the charts and vibes that roll as deep as your love. Whether you’re all about that traditional walk down the aisle or you wanna blaze your own trail, you’re welcome here.

Rustic yet refined, whimsy yet sophisticated, this venue is as adaptable as you are creative. And when you book Straits Chapel, you’re not just booking a venue; you’re embracing the freedom to be unapologetically you on the day that matters most.

And there you have it, folks—an insider’s scoop on Wisconsin’s 20 most swoon-worthy outdoor wedding venues that practically guarantee an ‘I do’ with a view! Whether you’re dreaming of rustic barns, enchanting forests, or lakeside charm, the Badger State has a spot with your names written all over it.

Now, we know choosing THE spot to tie the knot is no small task (talk about commitment, am I right?!), but we’re here to help you turn those Pinterest boards into IRL heart-thumping, jaw-dropping nuptial bliss.

If you’re crushing on one (or more, we don’t judge) of these gems and need a little more deets—or if you’re ready to start that guest list—give us a shout! Our team is all about making your big day as fabulously unique as you are, no cookie-cutter weddings here!

Hit us up, and we’ll spill the tea on all the gorgeous locales Wisconsin offers. Until then, keep rocking your one-of-a-kind love story and remember—your adventure’s just beginning, and we’re stoked to be a part of it!