May 10, 2022

Tips for staying cool during your engagement session on a hot day!

Wedding season is in full swing, which means engagement sessions are happening all around us! You’re obsessing over what outfit to wear and poses to do if you’re anything like me. But here’s a little secret: Even though it may be hot outside, you can stay cool during your session with a few tips! Please keep reading for my top tips! 😉

Is your engagement session coming up, and the weather forecast is calling for a scorching day? Fear not! There are ways to stay cool and have fun during your session.

1: Dress for the Weather

Wear light clothing that will keep you cool, like a linen or cotton top, shorts, or a flowy dress or skirt! Wear a rad brimmed hat to shade yourself from the sun if hats are your style! Bring sunglasses in between to protect your eyes!

If hiking a bit to your location is required, think about wearing workout or walking clothes to your location and changing when you arrive. This will help you look and feel more refreshed! No one wants to look like they ran a marathon in their engagement photos! Right!?

2: Water, tons of Water!

This one is the most important! Make sure to drink water before your session, during, and after! The best tip I have is bringing an insulated water bottle with ice water. Or freeze your water before bringing it to your session and keep it in a cooler while in your car! Also, adding hydration tablets or powder helps keep your electorates up and hydrated! We bring Liquid I.V with us to every session and wedding, and it is a game-changer!

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3: Snacks!

Snacks are everything! One of the last things you want during your session is to get hangry! Bring snacks like a cliff bar or trail mix! It helps keep your energy up and prevents dehydration!

You can totally make it part of your session too! Bring some tacos, pizza, ice-cold beer, or chilled wine, or make it a complete picnic!

4: Choose your location wisely! And plan ahead!

This matters more during the HOT summer days than you’d think! You want to have plenty of shade available to you! Timing is critical when it’s HOT HOT HOT outside! Trust your photographer to know the timing is for your benefits experience! They want you to be comfortable and look fantastic!

Sunrise Sessions are also great if you want to beat the heat! I know it may be hard to wake up that early, but knowing that you will have the whole place to yourselves is fantastic!

A great idea is to end the session at a lake, where you can finish it with your feet in the water or just run right into it fully clothed!

5: Get your hair and makeup professionally done!

They are pros for a reason!! They know how to keep your hair beautiful no matter the weather! Plus, this is the perfect time to pamper yourself! They will also have recs for beautiful hairstyles for the weather, especially to keep your beautiful long hair off your neck! Think a rad braid!

6: Bring a change of clothes and a Towel!

This is super important to bring clothes to change into that are super comfortable and dry! This is key if you plan to jump into the lake at the end or get super sweaty on the walk back to your car!

Having a lightweight hand towel with you will also help dab your face and neck to stop the shine!

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Key things to bring to your summer engagement session!

  • Sunscreen is your friend! If you purchase the spray kind, it will also cool you off! Win-Win!
  • Oil Absorbing Wipes! These are great for getting the shine off your face!
  • A Cooling Towel! We got these for camping in the summer, and WOW, are they a game changer for cooling down FAST!
  • Your Make-Up Bag! Touch-ups along the way will keep you looking fresh!
  • Bug Spray and/or Thermacell! The mosquito is Wisconsin’s National Bird, so this will keep them off you as much as possible!
  • Deodorant! This may sound strange, but if you tend to smell when you sweat, you may want to touch up your deodorant! Get the spray kind for easy applying and a quick cool down!
  • BONUS: a FAN! If you are feeling boogie, bring a small battery-powered fan! There are some AMAZING ones available on Amazon!

#1 Thing to Remember:

These photos are meant to document the story of you two at the start of a rad new adventure you are embarking on together. Embrace the sweat and the possibility of being smelly!

The more you embrace it and stop worrying, you will enjoy your experience and look back at the photos with a rad story! And not even know you both smelled terrible! HAHA!