Does where you get ready matter?

YES! Where you get ready matters!

Things to think about:

  • Natural Light
  • Enough room for everyone to move around comfortably & their stuff!
  • Enough Mirrors – don’t be afraid to bring your own!

Is your house or apartment not big enough? Think about going outside the box and rent an Airbnb! This way you don’t have to worry about extra clean-up before or after! Just celebrating! You will thank yourself when you see the photos and enjoy your day more!

Things to think about the day of when it comes to your getting ready location!

  • Clean the area you want the photos to be taken (where you’ll put that dress on) If you aren’t 100% sure ask when we arrive.
  • Have everything you want to be photographed by us ready
    • rings & jewelry
    • invite suite & program
    • shoes
    • garter
    • letters to each other
    • dress on a good wooden hanger
    • suit on a good wooden hanger
    • cufflinks
    • socks if they are cool
    • Anything else that means a lot to you, or was given to you that day!

Remember to have lunch and snacks while you are getting ready!

Also, sandwiches for after the ceremony. This allows you all to enjoy your day more – more food means more drinks! Also, TONS OF WATER!

Cups with lids are important too! You can get fun custom ones!

After you get that dress on, let it fully sink in!

That is the last dress you will wear before getting married! No need to rush, no wedding will start without you!

If you are doing a first look, tell your family and friends you want it to be just you. Take those moments in as long as you want, take your time – there is no rush!

Tips for an amazing ceremony!

Couldn’t suggest an unplugged ceremony more!


Your guests should be present at the moment like you two are. Rather than trying to et the perfect photo for social media. Also, we have had the couples moment down the aisle ruined by people trying to get the perfect photo.

You can have signs up to tell people it’s unplugged and be present in the moment. Also have the officiant tell everyone before the ceremony starts. Have a moment for everyone to get it out of their system with one photo after you walk down the aisle. But, unplugged ceremonies have even better photos, where we capture people really being there in the moment.

A moment felt fully is remembered more than a moment lost behind the device.

Do you plan on doing a receiving line?

Keep in mind this can take up to 45 min.

Great alternatives and things to keep in mind:

Go around during dinner (after you have eaten) and say a quick hi and thank you to everyone! Keep in mind they will come to you and say their congrats too, even if you don’t do a meet and greet at tables or have a receiving line!

Yes, you invited everyone, there isn’t time to fully talk to everyone you will find time to talk to the ones that matter most to you! Those people will come up to you no matter what too! Do not worry!

You can also invite you very favorite people to brunch the next day, that way you can really say Thank You!

Do you want to go to different photo locations, between ceremony & reception?

These locations should mean something to you both! Make sure you tell us all of them well in advance so we can plan travel time for you to determine if we have enough time.

Tips on how to find these locations:
  • While you are out and about keep your eyes open to rad location – pin them on the map, write them down & send us photos with the location so we can check it out.
  • If you are not local, consider a trip to look around, or hire a wedding planner to help with this that is local. You can even fly or have us drive in to check them out with you. We have a rad custom fee for this!

As always contact us if you have questions!