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April 19, 2016

Duluth MN (c) Natural Intuition Photography-211

I got to work with the wonderful Britt from Woven & Wed on a styled shoot along the North Shore last Summer – together we designed a shoot that was relaxed and filled with a ton of style. Britt is a talented designer and a beautiful soul – a dream to work with. Her business launched just last year and this 20 something dreamer has expanded into workshops and published multiple times. I have loved seeing her grow and cannot wait to see the amazing things she will do!

Name & Current Title & Company Name: 

Britt – Designer/Planner/Stylist at Woven & Wed Age: 26

Educational Background : 

Bachelors of Art – Art & Design (Bethel University)

What was your first job out of collect and how did you land it? 

My first job out of college was working for Laura Mullen Event Design. We planned and designed dreamy weddings! I started interning for her the last semester of my senior year and it eventually turned into a job! I loved it and wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. The best part – I seriously googled “event designers in MPLS,” when I returned home from a semester in NYC and found her. So don’t be afraid to be bold and get out there to find something you’re truly passionate about!

What has surprised you the most about owning your own business? 

The question is what hasn’t been a surprise! I feel as if everyday something surprises me as a small business owner and as an active part of this creative culture. Something that has stood out and surprised me since beginning Woven & Wed is the enormous amount of support and excitement of collaboration.

Do you have a favorite design aspect or rental you love the most? And why? 

Floral. My motto is there can’t ever be “too much” floral. It adds so much to space and you can literally place it anywhere to make something look better! I love having the opportunity to work with such talented florists in the cities and seeing clients/creatives use floral in such creative ways.

Also – I always joke that the best part of my job is bringing the leftover floral back to decorate my home after an event….

With owning a thriving business what is your biggest struggle?

Time. Owning a business means doing everything! Unless you’ve hired on other staff, you take on the role of operator, marketer, communicator, creator, sales and administrator (just to name a few!). Just like any business, you need all these areas to function properly to run a successful business. As a business owner, it is a challenge to juggle it all and do it all well. I do seek help in some areas, however.

What do you like MOST about your career? 

The people I get to share it with. Not only my clients, but the kick butt creatives I get to work alongside in the wedding industry. I find my inspiration from people and their stories and it’s the motivation that keeps me going on a daily basis. I started Woven & Wed to make a difference, to bring light and encouragement to those on the journey into marriage.

Duluth Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Mountain Elopement - Woven & Wed

What do you (honestly) dislike most? 

Sitting in my office alone! haha I’m an extreme extrovert and sometimes I need to voice my ideas and opinions out loud. This is why you’ll typically find me at a coffee shop or having “work dates” with my fellow creatives. It’s so I don’t go insane…

What do you love most about living in Minnesota? Favorite things to do, and places to go? 

lake life // If I could spend every day of the summer on the water, I would! I also love Minneapolis and the eclectic culture it offers. I’ve lived in a lot of different places and somehow I keep ending up back here. That says something, right?

Duluth Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Mountain Elopement

What does your typical day look like? 

My “typical” day varies, depending upon if it’s a wedding week or not. Wedding weeks are non-stop, 24/7 errand running, creating and crafting, tying up any lose ends and communicating with vendors. Otherwise, my day is usually consumed with a lot of emails and phone calls, client and vendor meetings. A lot of my job is communicating and sourcing for clients. On creative days, I get to play around with hand lettering, craft different elements, do some design and break for occasional Starbucks runs.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, it would be great if Woven & Wed were I’d love to be continually growing my businesses, and serving more and more couples and women in business! Kelly and I have also been doing a few speaking engagements, so we would love to see ourselves doing more teaching, and reaching more and more women. It always amazes me though, because no matter what I say, I know that life will surprise me, and bring me something even more amazing than anything I could have imagined!

Best advice you’ve ever received? Also, what advice would you give aspiring woman interested in your career? 

I’ve received far too much advice to pick “the best!” However, one that has resonated with me as of late is “Don’t wait for the opportunity, make the opportunity.”Don’t wait around for things to happen to you, make them happen. There isn’t every going to be that perfect moment where your finances, connections, materials, knowledge etc. all line up – it’s life, we learn as we go and make the best of it.

I want aspiring young woman to know that there are dreams in your heart that are going to change the world. Believe in yourself and move forward.

What is your go to music at work? 

Currently – James Bay, Fink & Tow’rs

What are at least 3 things you cannot live without on a daily basis? 

Jesus, my sketch book/journal and sunshine.

Also, if you haven’t already learned that Britt is amazing – she got into a Truvelle Gown and wore a floral crown along the North Shore in Minnesota that won top 30% in the Shoot and Share Contest. (see more here)

Duluth Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Mountain Elopement - Woven & Wed