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May 28, 2015

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I get to call this weeks With Love Couple Sister and Brother in Law – they have been married for 4 years and have 2 beautiful kids! I got be my sisters Maid of Honor and get to babysit those two awesome kids every once in a while. I can remember to this day the phone call from my sister telling me that she was getting married, I was so happy for her! Still am today – Anthony is a great guy who married a wonderful woman! Get to know a little bit more about the last 4 years and their wedding day – plus advice for future couples.

Names: Anthony & Carolynn

Wedding Date: Saturday, March 5, 2011

How did you two meet? We met on Match.com
After almost a year of sparse e-mails, we decided to try to meet in person!
We 1st met up at Culver’s but had our 1st date hiking at a state park.

How did he propose? He proposed on our way home from the Relay for Life with an engagement ring he had made himself out of curly maple!

Carolynn what do you love most about Anthony? His patience, time, and snuggles. I also like that he shovels the snow, mows the grass, canoes, like sushi, and is the best father that our kids could ever with for!

Anthony what do you love most about Carolynn? That she’s a wonderful mom to our children.

What would your perfect Sunday be like together? Getting a caramel macchiatto & chocolate truffle after church and enjoying them in the warm sunshine while watching our kids play at the park. It would be more perfect if there was an ocean to splash in instead of a park with a climbing wall!!

What memory stands out most about your lives together? The days we welcomed our kids into our lives, they are amazing little people!

What was the best part of planning your wedding day? Knowing that we would be spending the rest of our days together!

What was the greatest challenge in planning your wedding? What did you feel least prepared for? Keeping hydrated 🙂
It was difficult to make time to greet and thank all of our guests for sharing in the day.

What personal touches did you add to make your wedding your own? It was about being surrounded by our friends and family… we weren’t too caught up in details. The button/felt flowers were a nice keepsake/touch.

What are you looking forward to most in your future as a family? Having someone to grow old with & build memories with.

What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding day? It’s about the marriage, the wedding is a symbol of that commitment.

If you could have any Superpower what would it be? And Why? I would like to have magic & a flying broom like Harry Potter with a health care companion like BayMax. Life would be better for everyone 🙂


 I sure do have an awesome family – and now you get to know how great they are too!

With Love – Christine