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May 6, 2015

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This week we are celebrating the newlyweds of Ali and Joel Johnson – who got married just a few weeks ago on April 18th 2015. I got the awesome honor of photographing their wedding in Waupaca. I am so excited to share more about how great theses two are with you all.

Ali, what do you love most about your husband? How similar our tastes are!

Joel, what do you love most about your wife? Her smile!

What memory stands out most from your wedding day? Seeing each other as we walked down the aisle …. also goofing up our vows! (this was pretty funny, but it made the day even more special!)

What was the best part of planning your wedding? The end, when the wedding was finally here! It was stressful, whether things go smoothly or not!

What was the greatest challenge in planning your wedding? The greatest challenge was keeping my emotions in check, remembering why we were going through with it. The reason for the day can get lost in the details. We were lease prepared for not seeing each other the day until we met at the alter. It wasn’t a super long time but after the rehearsal dinner, we were so busy saying by to people and talking about last minute details with our bridal party that we forgot to say good night before I left with my parents. We both felt horrible, but it made it that much more special seeing him at the end of the aisle.

What personal touches did you add to make your wedding your own? All the people who participated in the wedding, from the obvious (bridal party) to the not so obvious, (musicians, photographer, band etc) were all friends of ours in some way shape or form. Though they were mostly all people I (Ali) knew, it was clear Joel felt the same about all the help at the end of the night.

What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding day? Take it in, the good, the bad, and the ugly. All we had was good and it was such a blessing – Joel said elope 🙂

Wishing these two many years of love together!

With Love – Christine

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