Ali & Nick

November 23, 2015

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Their perfect Sunday together includes Nick watching movies, while Ali naps through them. Ha, I am totally guilty of this as well with Justin – I have missed so many movies and made Justin sit through them multiple times over. These two are some of the most laid back people I have been on their wedding day. It was a blustery day and rather chilly, Ali and Nick didn’t let that stop them from having their first look outside. During the chilly and windy walk to meet her almost husband she was all nerves and smiles. This was Ali’s favorite moment from their wedding day. The personal touches they added to their day were some of my favorites of the year, especially the Queens Annes Lace on every table. These flowers were grown in the memory of Ali’s Grandmother who would collect the seeds in her panty hoes, then giving them to Ali to grow. They are my favorite flower, and I was in a dream seeing them on the tables. Ali and Nick’s personal touches and keeping the wedding as much them was amazing, they didn’t have a head table or sweetheart table they sat with their family. It was the same with the wedding party, they sat with their own family and friends. This way they got to talk, laugh and enjoy dinner together. While the cake was getting handed out, Ali and Nick went to each table and thanked everyone for coming and chatted for a few minutes! This was the best idea a couple could have, especially if you are not wanting a receiving line – thank and hug them after dinner! Fabulous!

i wish i could relive their day, it was filled with so many laughs, smiles and rad dance moves! it was the most fabulous way to end my 2015 wedding season!

with love, christine

VENDORS // RECEPTION & CEREMONY – RiverEdge Golf Course // STATIONARY – Wedding Paper Divas // CAKE – A Slice of Heaven // RENTALS – chairs, Hillers True Vallue and Decorations // FLOWERS – Spring Green Florist // SWING BAND – Front Porch Swing Band // DJ – CMC Music // BAG PIPER – Greg Walsh // OFFICIANT – Paster Peter Ruggles at Good Shepard Luthern Church // WEDDING DRESS – Stella York // BRIDESMAID DRESSES – Alfred Angelo // GROOMS & GROOMSMAN SUITS – Ralph Lauren – Men’s Wearhouse //


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