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May 16, 2024

Wisconsin Elopement Photographer brand refresh & website!

Hey there, adventurous hearts and rad humans! We’ve got some big news that’s as refreshing as that first sip of morning coffee in the great outdoors. Yes, you guessed it – we’re talking about the launch of our brand-spankin’-new website and a brand refresh that’s as vibrant and lively as our community of eloping couples, families, engaged couples, married partners, and all you wonderful outdoor lovers!

I am so stoked to share our brand refresh, including our new site and updated logo! May I say my favorite part is the graphics that Good Day designed for us? Our brand hasn’t had a professional update since we first started over 14 years ago! I did a little brand refresh around 8ish years ago with a new site that I built myself. But what Good Day did blows this out of the park! 

Wisconsin Elopement Brand Refresh, Good Day Design, Modern Brand

Why the Refresh? Glad You Asked!

The quick answer is that our website platform got bought out, and my site may stop working. So, I took this as a sign to refresh and get an overhaul! We outgrew our current brand and website. Our brand was starting to get a bit outdated and wasn’t fully speaking to our ideal client market anymore. 

We’ve been on an incredible journey with you all – capturing moments of love, laughter, and everything in between. But as we’ve grown together, we realized it was time for our brand to evolve. Our goal? To better reflect the dynamic, free-spirited, and heartfelt connections we share with each of you. This refresh is about adapting to the changing tides of your lives and ensuring we’re always in tune with what lights up your world.

What’s New? Spoiler Alert: A Lot!

We’ve jazzed up our website with some pretty cool features that we think you’ll love. We’ve thought of everything from sleek new galleries showcasing our adventures in Wisconsin photography to easier navigation that’ll have you finding your dream elopement spots in no time.

Oh, and did we mention new services? Because yes, we’ve got those too! Whether you’re in Milwaukee, Madison, or somewhere in between, or anywhere really! We’re bringing more of what you love straight to your fingertips.

Wisconsin Elopement Brand Refresh, Good Day Design, Modern Brand

The Journey to the New Natural Intuition Photography

Transforming our brand has been like repacking our camera bags – a bit nostalgic, totally exciting, and filled with attention to every little detail. We dove deep into what makes our community tick, drawing inspiration from the stories you’ve shared and the landscapes we’ve explored together. The result? A visual and narrative vibe that’s all about celebrating your unique paths and adventures. I took a major dive into who we are, who our clients are and will be, and what makes us different from the millions of others out there. 

We are what makes us different, along with the experience we create alongside our clients. Yes, we can create amazing photos of you, but the experience along the way makes it even more rad! We want you to feel like we are a family, your best friends with a fancy camera! We will dance, explore, and tell bad jokes! Creating authentic photos and experiences is what drives us the most. We want your personalities to shine through every moment and photo!

You are pretty rad humans, and we want to photograph just how rad you are! The story you are telling daily is freaking awesome, and it should be celebrated! Photographs are the visuals of that story, where you can relive those rad moments over and over! Turn them into books that you tell stories to with every new generation.

We want to hear from you!

We’re not just launching a website; we’re inviting you into our digital home to hear what you think. Your insights mean the world to us, and we’re all ears when it comes to making sure this new space truly feels like it belongs to you. After all, this refresh was inspired by you, for you!

Our aim is to create a user-friendly experience where you can easily find the information you need and engage with content that resonates with you. Sharing your stories is personal to you and us, and you are the core that keeps us going.

We’ve redesigned everything from the ground up, incorporating your feedback to ensure it meets your expectations. We hope you’ll take a moment to explore and share your thoughts with us, as your input will help us continue to improve and evolve. Welcome to our new digital home!

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