Why Photography?

May 25, 2017

Fall Engagement Session, Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

One of the questions I get the most is ….¬† ” Why Photography ? “

And I never had a very good answer till one week I was asked it and I replied ….” Because I don’t see myself doing anything else, I love photographing happy people. Capturing their Memories.” The reason I do photography is seriously just that, I photograph memories! Capturing a glimpse, a moment in time for generations. It’s the very best super power!

A few week ago Justin and I headed home to visit my Grandmother. Now that she is in a nursing home her house was empty and in need of emptying. Going through her stuff was one of the hardest things I’ve done. It was so strange looking at all these “things” that had memories and stories. I was like a magnet to the photos. It was amazing to see photos of my dad with my brother during Christmas. Seeing where we got our qualities from – I noticed that a smile me and my sister do is a Dopp trait. These are moments that happened before I was born and I loved showing my Dad and having him tell me who the other people were.

This is a reply I sent to a client when she inquired about their little ones Newborn Session :

” I do want you to know I believe your families memories are an investment to be considered – I capture memories, little moments in time. For you to keep for generations – just think about this : your little one is graduating or getting married, you will sit down flip through your album of photos of their newborn photos, and you are taken back to the moments of their tiny toes, milk bubbles on their lips, and their tiny hand wrapped around your finger. I strive and live to capture these quickly passing moments. “

That was another Ah Ha! Moment for me! Photography is not just a job, a fun thing to do for me РIt is my 1st love, my life, my passion. I work every waking moment on getting better, marketing, learning new techniques, posing, blogs, etc. Even when I am laying on the couch cuddling with  Justin, I am thinking about ways of how I can better serve my clients. Yes, you may call me a workaholic, but I call it building upon what I already know and see.

I strive every day, every session, every wedding to capture your joys, giggles, pouts, and life for generations!

The qualities and passion I put into my photography is the same thing I look for when I look for a photographer for Justin and I’s yearly photos. Sometimes multiple times a year. It awesome to look back on how much we’ve changed. Along, with being able to put ourselves in our client’s shoes. Photography is an amazing investment into your future generations way to remember you. A way for them to look at the photos and hear stories of you.