WHERE TO PRINT YOUR PHOTOS(and why you should do it through your photographer).

August 19, 2022

Where should you get your professionally shot photos printed?

This post starts with a little cautionary tale…why it’s important where you print your photos?

My sister went to Walgreens to get her wedding photos printed. And upon her opening the envelope, she discovered a stack of blurry photos. The files weren’t blurry and they even looked good on the ordering screen. It was the printer that did this as they weren’t quality checked before she paid. 

After going back and explaining her disappointment, they encouraged her to reprint them. And what do you know, the same thing happened. The staff wasn’t sorry. They didn’t refund her money. She was left with crappy prints and out hundreds of dollars.

When you purchase prints directly from your photographer, they go through your photographer’s lab where prints are checked before they’re sent out AND double-checked by the photographer before they’re sent to you. This means your photos are guaranteed. Fortunately, my sister ended up printing them through my lab with no problems. 

It may feel like you’re saving a buck to go the photo counter route, but you’re likely wasting your money. Go for quality – your memories deserve it!

Where should you get your professional photos printed?

Your photographer!

The #1 place to order from is directly through your photographer’s online gallery.

Most photographers have done major research into the professional printing company that works best for their prints. Not all printing companies are equal in quality. Because they often have different color profiles, some work better for light & airy photographers while others work better for dark & moody photographers.

Plus, photographers have other AMAZING products and print papers you can’t find at consumer print labs.

See the images below? These are mat board prints that I ordered for one of my clients. They’re lovely unframed on your desk, or, well, anywhere! Your photographer always knows best!

Where to print your photos, print companies
Where to print your photos, print companies


MPIX is a sister company to a print lab that lots of photographers use. They’re super affordable without compromising print quality.

Parabo Press

Parabo Press is one of my favorites! They have an AMAZING variety of products at affordable prices. 

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising is another company with a great variety of products. They have beautiful holiday cards and if you’re looking to DIY an album, this is the place to be. However, getting an album through your photog would still be your best bet. 

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