November 21, 2019

Where should you get your professionally shot photos printed?

The quality of your prints is super important to your photography, and should be to you too!

1. Ask your photographer if they have an online gallery to order from. This is your #1 place to order!

Most photographers have done major research into the professional printing company that works best for their prints. As not all print companies are equal in quality. They have different color profiles, some work better for light & airy photographers while others work better for dark & moody photographers.

Plus, photographers have other AMAZING products and print papers that are simply lovely! Some of these products you cannot get at consumer print labs. Like the images, you see below these are mat board prints that I order for my clients. They are lovely unframed on your desk, or well anywhere!

Your photographer always knows best!


MPIX is a sister company to a print lab that a lot of photographers use. The quality is ok, and they are super affordable!

3. Parabo Press

Parabo Press is one of my favorites! As they have AMAZING products available and are super afforable!

4. Artifact Uprising

Artifact is another company that has AMAZING products! Their albums are stunning if you want to DIY one yourself. But again, I highly suggest ordering through your photog for this!

They also have beautiful Holiday Cards!!! So modern and lovely!

Another note to why you should order from your photographer!

Photographer’s labs check the print before sending it out, they are also quality checked by the photographer before sending it to their forever home. This means the photos are guaranteed!

Let me tell you a story about my sister and her wedding photos:

She went to Walgreens to get her images printed, they came back all blurry. The images were NOT blurry before ordering or on screen. The printer did this, then they were not quality checked before she paid for them.

She went back, and explained, that they were told to try reprinting them. She did, the same thing happened. They were NOT sorry, they did NOT give her anything in payment back. She was out of hundreds of money!

She ended up printing them all through my lab, no problems! Don’t waste your money, go for quality! Your memories deserve it!

Where to print your photos, print companies
Where to print your photos, print companies