When to Book your Wedding Photographer

April 10, 2014


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When should you book your wedding photographer!? 

Have you ever wondered when to book with your photographer or Natural Intuition Photography? The right time is: as soon as you start thinking about your families photos or after you book your venue for your wedding or a moment in your life you want to capture. Especially when it comes to your wedding day! I am still getting inquiries for 2019, but I am fully booked for this Summer and am starting to fill up for 2017. I ADORE every wedding I booked this year! Seriously SWOON every time I think about the wedding’s I have coming up!

When you engaged you can get over whelmed with brides magazines, blogs, websites, advice and Pinterest.

I highly suggest after you get engaged to – ENJOY IT! It’s OK to bask in the glow of newly being engaged – gloat to all your friends and family that you are getting married to the love of your life, randomly dance and sing all the time – just plain enjoy it! You can be engaged for as long as you want no matter if it’s a couple months or a couple years. Sometimes waiting a year or two will have you less stressed and get you the vendors that you want. But, as soon as you set a date and book that venue you adore, contact your favorite wedding photographer asap! Venues and photographers are getting booked months and even years in advance – yes I said years.

When you are thinking of family portraits don’t wait till the crazy fall season. When every photographer and their uncle is getting booked solid.

Contact your favorite photographer now, pick a couple dates just in case something comes up, like crazy weather or family emergency. A good photographer will want to pick a couple dates for weather reasons to ensure your experience is the ultimate best. But, I am not going to lie to ya, my favorite time to photograph families is in the Summer. Summer gives longer light in the day and can schedule a weekday session after the work day. Weekdays is the easiest to book your photographer. This is due to them being booked up on weekends for weddings. 

Tonight I was scheduling an engagement session with one of my couples. I found it hard to find a date with some weddings being out of town or a holiday. Dates are very limited this year, we are traveling all over Wisconsin to photograph amazing couples weddings, engagements. Along with taking time off to reconnect as a couple and get back to the great outdoors.

Are you engaged, needed family portraits done, or just want a reason to update that photo in that frame on your desk. Schedule a meeting with your favorite photographer today.