What’s In a Name ?

April 10, 2014

It’s no secret to those close to me that I ADORE my last name !

Dopp <—- Pretty awesome name huh?

Looks easy to pronounce but some get it wrong – I have heard Dope, Dupe, Dot, and others that make me giggle. I always thank those who say it right : )

My mom got me addicted to the letter D and showcasing names around my home – we have scrabble letters, printing press letters, and some other fun ways of showcasing our awesome last name !

Wisconsin Glamour Photographer(c) Natural Intuition Photography_0012

There is so much behind the name – Dopp – we are farmers, outdoorsy, strong, motivated – just great people. ( I LOVE my family ) When you work and come from a small town your name means a lot – it tells so much about you as a person. It’s actually rather funny sometimes when people find out my last name – they are shocked – laugh and say no kidding. Then they praise me about how great my parents are, and how they know them. Most are local farmers, or seed salesmen, or carpenters …ect. Since moving back to the area I have been trying to make the name Dopp proud – building a life for myself, starting a business and growing up. ( well at least a little anyways – sometimes I still act like a teenager : )

There is a super fun side to the name Dopp too ! Guys I work with have fun it with, they make up songs using it, use as a Pun – ” Don’t Dopp it up!” “I’m going to Dopp you one!” HA HA! I love the people I work with, and the songs always make me giggle.

Not to mention the awesome products that include our name like : The Dopper Wather BottleThe Dopp Kit <—- that one is my FAVORITE ! Dopp Wallets <—- my Dad has had one for YEARS ! And the awesome Doppler Radar !

Kate Bentley Photography

With Love !


( photo by the awesome Kate at Kate Bentley Photography )