WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ELOPE? Does this story speak to you?

March 27, 2023

What exactly is an elopement? And how is it different from a traditional wedding?

Are you considering an elopement instead of a traditional wedding? Sure, the idea may have once been associated with running away to secretly get married and avoid family drama. But today, that stereotype has totally changed. In fact, some couples are even choosing to elope each year in all sorts of romantic locations!

Is eloping right for you? Let me share a little story and if it sounds like you, then eloping is right for you!?

Stella had been dreaming of her perfect wedding day ever since she was a little girl. She imagined all the details, from the beautiful white dress to the romantic first dance with her beloved husband-to-be. But when Stella met Jack, she knew that their relationship would be different than most. He was spontaneous and daring and made her feel alive in ways no one else could. So when Jack suggested eloping on an adventure across Europe instead of having a traditional wedding! Stella’s heart soared with excitement.

The two set off on their honeymoon journey, leaving behind tradition and expectations.

They visited some of the world’s most extravagant cities and took part in activities. Such as hot air balloon rides and exploring ancient ruins together! Something they both dreamed of doing since childhood but never thought they’d get to do together until now! Everywhere they went, people asked them about how they got married!? Curious onlookers were amazed by the idea that two people could take matters into their own hands like this — foregoing any sort of ceremony or reception for a grand adventure out in the open world instead!

Stella realized then that choosing to elope wasn’t just about taking a risk or being adventurous; it was also about celebrating love without accepting societal norms or putting on airs for anyone else’s sake except theirs.

It allowed them to start off their marriage without any preconceived notions or self-imposed pressure placed upon it, allowing them the freedom to explore what marriage truly meant for themselves without outside interference clouding their judgment along the way.

When Stella and Jack returned home knowing that despite not having experienced ‘the big white dress moment’ that many brides longed for. They had created something far more beautiful: A lifelong memory shared between two loving partners who chose each other above all else – a choice they happily stand by every day since returning home from their incredible journey around Europe as newlyweds!

What exactly is an elopement? And how is it different from a traditional wedding?, Should I elope?

Should you elope too?

How did that story make you feel about your wedding plans? Did it sound exactly like something you’d love to do? Or was it the opposite?

The decision of eloping vs. having a traditional wedding is one that can be stressful. But at the same time incredibly exciting. When it comes down to it, what matters most is that you and your partner are in agreement as to how you want to start this new chapter in your lives together! Whether it’s an elopement or a traditional wedding.

We hope you find courage, confidence, and joy in whatever life choices you make! So if an elopement calls to you, book your elopement with us today. Together we will design an unforgettable day full of breathtaking moments that the two of you will cherish forever. And at the end of the day, our biggest wish for you is that you take some time to truly celebrate this incredible journey and all that lies ahead!

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