July 16, 2018

WE MOVED to Middleton Wisconsin! 

Y’all this move has been in the making for about a year! As soon as we got notified that our rent was going to go up again in an apartment we were growing to hate daily. Yes, we only moved less than 5 miles away from our other apartment, but man it feels like a brand new location! We are just outside the city, where there is a pond outside our window and it is soooo quiet at night. It’s pure bliss in our books! 

I will be sharing our new place as soon as I catch up on my client’s images and projects and when we FINALLY get everything unpacked! It’s been a whirlwind the past few weeks! We moved on one of the hottest weekends in Wisconsin – with a wedding in the middle and a morning shoot! Why did I do this to myself, for an apartment that makes us happy! That is a great reason to do something right!? 

It’s crazy to think that this is the first blog I’ve written in ONE MONTH! WHAT!? 

That is how you know it’s been crazy here! Normally I am a HUGE planner, right next to me right now is my planner, a to-do list AND the next 2 months printed out with scheduled blog posts! We didn’t have internet in our place till now – and the internet elsewhere was too slow on my DYING laptop. 

Does this sound like complaining? Maybe, but I want to share that there are some not so fun parts of being a photographer. YES, we have one of the best jobs on the planet. But, it can be lonely, uber stressful and you have a big weight sitting your shoulders to please. I freaking love this job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else and am SUPER thankful for my amazing clients! 

I cannot wait to share new blogs, shoots that we shot and sooo much more!!