December 27, 2022

What to prioritize when planning your wedding or elopement! (And why some things should be done early!) Wedding Tips you need!

Whether you’re freshly engaged or months into planning your wedding, you’ve probably realized just how much there is to keep track of during the planning process. Wedding planning tips you need today!

That’s why it’s crucial to identify, organize, and prioritize the most important things. Luckily, we have some experience in this department and are here to offer our professional insight on what you should focus on first.

Nail down the date (and the venue/location!) 

First things first, set the date! And once you’ve set the date, find an available venue. Or, you could find the venue of your dreams and see what dates they have available. Either way, the day of your event and its physical location are easily the most important things to prioritize when it comes to wedding planning.

Why? Because you can’t provide your guests or vendors with any information until you have those two things figured out. And think about it, the date will more or less determine the weather (and your entire timeline), and your venue may dictate other major planning decisions. For example, some venues have restrictions on how many people you’re allowed to have and which vendors you can use. Once these two pieces are set, you can worry about the rest. 

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Invest in a wedding planner 

Investing in a wedding planner (and investing in them early on in the planning process) will be unbelievably helpful throughout the rest of your timeline. Of course, a wedding planner isn’t a required expense but trust us when we say that having someone around to worry about all the moving parts is AMAZING.

If you’re someone who isn’t overly crazy about event planning, save yourself some grief and leave this piece to a professional. Plus, hiring a wedding planner from the get-go helps tremendously when it comes to scheduling your venue and coordinating vendors. Check out planning advice from REAL planners!

Book your photographer (like us!) 

We are completely biased when we say this, but your wedding photos are going to be one of the most important aspects of this whole process. Take some time to decide what style of wedding photography you like and browse reviews and portfolios of your top contenders. Once you’ve chosen your favorite photog, book them immediately! Most wedding photographers book out events a year or more in advance. Avoid some major disappointment by snagging your favorite photog early on in the planning process. You may even want to book an engagement session with them beforehand for a whole suite of cohesive photos that capture this special time in your life. 

And in case you didn’t know, wedding photographers can help out with more than just photos. If they’re anything like us, they’ll be with you every step of the way, helping coordinate timelines and even providing vendor referrals.

If you’re currently in the throws of finding the perfect wedding photographer, we’d love to be considered. Check out our wedding galleries to see if you like our vibe and get in touch

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Figure out the food!

Last on our list of top priorities is catering. Food is going to be one of the most important day-of aspects for your guests. If you’re planning on a plated dinner, make sure you’ll have options for a variety of dietary needs, and be sure to include those options on your invitations. 

Everyone knows that hungry guests are a nightmare, so save yourself the trouble and get your catering sorted out early on. And remember this – you have to feed your vendors! When booking your caterer, add your photographer, wedding planner, and other vendors to your guest count so everyone can have a proper meal. 

The rest is up to you!

In our professional opinion, these are the top priority items when it comes to planning your wedding. Once you have these aspects set in stone, you can tackle the rest however you see fit! If that feels a little overwhelming, no worries. You don’t have to do everything by yourself! 

You can hire us to be the rad photogs that support you as much as we can through this process. We’ll not only be there to guide you, but we’ll also be there to capture beautiful moments as you and your partner prepare to spend the rest of your lives together. What are we waiting for? Let’s make some awesome memories!

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