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February 25, 2015

I would love to introduce you all to my favorite bakery in Stevens Point Wisconsin, these are people that I recommend to all my clients. You may have gotten a cookie or two of theirs – I simply adore their cookies! My favorite in the US for sure! Main Grain Bakery, has been a staple in our house for celebrations! My nieces and nephews cake was a delicious flour-less chocolate cake — SOOO YUMMY! For Justin’s birthday I got him an Almond Apple Tart – oh my gosh sooo yummy! I cannot express enough how much I love this company and the people behind it! Today I would love to introduce you all to Sarah Jo – the baking guru and brains behind MGB! Whenever I come into the bakery the girls are always smiles, and having a great time! A sure way to know that they love their job, and wonderful people to work with. I am always excited to bring my family in there, and have them experience the yummy goodness of their cookies, cakes and other yummy treats. I highly encourage you to try their breads too – they are beautiful!

Today I am happy to indroduce you to the beautiful and ever so talented girl behind Main Grain Bakery! Sarah Jo!

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer, Wedding Cake Vendor, Stevens Point WI

Full Name & Age : Sarah Jo Karoses / 26

Current Title/Company : Owner / Baker @ The Main Grain Bakery

Educational Background : BA Family Consumer Science / Food & Nutrition / UW Stevens Point

What was your first job out of college and how did you land it? I worked at the SPA Co-op during college. After I graduated in May 2010, I opened the bakery in Feb 2011. I would consider owning TheMGB being my first job out of college. 

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What has surprised you the most about owning your own busines? I am very surprised how attached I became with my business. It’s difficult to leave at times, but very rewarding for employees to take on specific roles. I need things to be done a certain way, so I would say I am surprised at the amount of time I spend in this bakery. I am very passionate about my job, and it’s very important to be present, but also exciting to have such a great staff that allows me to have some away time. 

 Favorite design aspect of Main Grain? My sister, Jamie Bertsch is our go to for all of our design work. She takes care of our business cards, website, logos, stickers, tea towels, and so much more. Also, our recipe card wall is one of my favorites here at the MGB. It’s a collection of old handwritten recipe cards that take up one wall in the bakery. I would consider this my best work as far as decor in the shop. 

With owning a thriving business – what is your biggest struggle? Our biggest struggle is trying to make room for everything in this tiny little space. We have a fairly large demand, and sometimes it’s hard to meet that when we can only do so much. Having another space is in the works ; ) 

What do you like about your career? What I love most about my career is my staff. The lovelies who work here are serious about their jobs, hard workers, and dependable. We have way to much fun in this bakery which creates a really healthy atmosphere while working. 

Main Grain Bakery Stevens Point Wisconsin

What do you dislike about your career? What I could do without are the early hours. We’re a bakery, so it’s obvious we need to be here at 4a or 5a depending on the day, but it’s hard work in the morning. Heavy lifting, mixing, LOTS of dishes, and so much more. Then there’s that cup of coffee… and life is just great. Also, the early AM work out isn’t bad. 

What do you love most about living in Wisconsin? Favoriite things to do? I love Wisconsin! After the busy wedding season, winter doesn’t seem all that bad, so honestly, I look forward to the snow,  the cold, and the down time. When summer rolls around, I love to be outside – camping, traveling up north, cook-outs, bike rides, canoeing, and maybe I’ll go fishing once in awhile : ) 

Describe a typical day : Typical day – I arrive at the bakery at 5am, turn on the ovens, say hello to my co-worker, mix up large batches of dough, throw in the loaves 12 at a time, weigh out flour & water for the next day, feed the sourdoughs, make the coffee, respond to all emails, greet those customers, cut a slice of cake and make sure it still tastes good 😉 , fold, shape, and prep dozens of loaves for the next morning, answer some phone calls, set up taste testings, answer all wedding catering questions, make sure my employees are rockin’ it, do some more dishes, feed those sourdoughs one more time, deliver wholesale, run some errands, water the plants, social media, watch my co-workers frost those cakes, order bulk ingredients, chat with the local farmers, and finally I’d say it’s time to go home.

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Where do you find yourself in five years? Five years? I’m married, we are designing a new bakery space in Stevens Point, and lovin’ life.

Best advice you have recieved? Trust yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself. 

Go to music while you work? Classical / Piano & I can’t live without those 90’s songs 

If you could have lunch with any woman, who would it be and what would you order? You know, I love my sisters. I’m going to say my sisters. We would be eating tacos, avocado, corn tortilla, cilantro, mango, yum.

Anything else you would like to say to a young person aspiring to your join your profession? Make sure you are 100% passionate about what your doing & you’ll be just fine. 

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Congrats Sarah on your engagement, I wish you two many years of happiness together! (he is one lucky man!) And seriously I cannot wait to see the new bakery in the future, you are made for great things! I feel so lucky to have worked with you on a shoot & wedding, and cannot wait to work with you more! We will see a lot of each other this year with my monthly trips to pick up cookies! This bakery will always have a place in my heart – Stevens Point is lucky to have you here! And hey if this post didn’t get you craving cookies, cakes, or delicous bread I don’t know what will! Get your bootie out to Stevens Point and head on over to The Main Grain Bakery!

With Love – Christine