December 23, 2019

What can we say, beyond the fact that working with you all this year has been our utmost privilege?

Our moments together are unforgettable, and the images we created together are some of our most treasured portfolio pieces. We truly felt a special connection with you beyond the lens. We are so thrilled to have you not just as our clients, but as a friend too.

In the New Year, we plan on making changes to our business, to grow and improve and to serve our clients like you in better and better ways. We’ve come to realize over the years that the most rewarding part of our job is getting to meet and work with incredible people like you! To take your radiance and your special story and turn it into everlasting works of art. WE are so grateful to be a photographer because it means we get to save special memories forever as artwork.

Your story is one of never-ending growth, change and moving forward. This year, we began telling that story through photos. If you are willing, we would love to continue telling that story throughout the next year! And the next, and the next! As we travel through life’s journey, we want to help you remember every step of the way with images you can look back on again and again.

As your photographers, we’re always here to chat about how we can help to go on photo adventures together! But, now, as your friend, we’re always here to just chat about life, grab a glass of wine (or beer) or a cup of hot coffee! Again, we can’t thank you enough for the light you’ve brought into our life and my photography, and I look forward to seeing you next year!

CHEERS TO US, my friend! As we go into the New Year with gratitude in our hearts!

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