Quyen // Assembly Shop Stevens Point Wisconsin

May 18, 2016

Style Photographer - Stevens Point Wisconsin Full Name: Quyen Hom

I got to hang out with Quyen for a little bit at her shop – and I still have yet to take any of the amazing items home except for a yummy smelling candle. But you better believe that I want to leave with the whole store. This woman has amazing style and have always been in awe of how easy it comes to her. As a person who LOVES leggings and sweatshirts, Quyen makes me want to get in tune with my style asap! Get to know this amazing woman and her fabulous store!

When & Why did you decide to open your own shop?

I officially opened the doors to Assembly on April 1, but really the idea of creating it happened about a year prior. Anybody who knows me knows that I have a deep appreciation for style and I particularly love shopping locally owned boutiques. The experience of shopping at a establishment owned by people of the community is so much more fun and satisfying than shopping at big box stores. Its a great feeling knowing that you’re contributing to the livelihood of someone else but also the community in which you live. Adjusting to fewer options in all things (shops, restaurants, etc.) was one of my biggest struggles when I moved to Stevens Point from Minneapolis. Instead of complaining about it or constantly traveling to other cities for the experience I was longing for, I thought ” why not try and contribute to the local scene where my roots are now planted?” After much research and long discussions with my husband, we decided to make it a reality.

What has been the biggest struggle starting a 2nd business?

Learning the nuances of owning a business is always a learning experience. I started my path to small business ownership when I began my photography business, June + Jae Photography, several years ago. I’m a huge believer in hard work, establishing meaningful connections, and putting in your dues. If you continue to do this, over time you’ll see the fruits of your labor. Currently, I would say that balance is my biggest struggle. Learning how to balance my personal life and my professional life and make sure that I’m nurturing both is what I’m learning to work with.

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What is your favorite aspect about owning your own store/business?

Being able to call all my own shots! I make all the decisions, I create all the successes, but I also take all the downfall. Its humbling 🙂

Favorite piece in your store?

Anything handmade or apothecary. All the jewelry and ceramic items I carry are handmade by woman artisans and I love knowing that the purchase of these items directly benefits a woman in business.

How would you describe the vibe of your shop?

Approachable Modern. I don’t think Central Wisconsin is used to seeing an aesthetic like mine and I’m happy to introduce people to a “new” way of looking at minimalist decor. I wanted to create a space that was warm and inviting while also staying true to my modern tastes. My “seating” area is my way of saying, “come on down!” to everyone. No need to feel pressure to shop. Take a load off while you take a look around.

Where is your shop located?

933 Clark Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481 (located in between Father Fats and Galaxy Comics) // Now you know where it is – GO NOW!

Stevens Point Wisconsin Photographer - Natural Intuition Photography_0004Stevens Point Wisconsin Photographer - Natural Intuition Photography_0005Stevens Point Wisconsin Photographer - Natural Intuition Photography_0006What advice would you give to someone starting a retail business?

Do your research! Talk to your target demographic, take note on what they’re wearing, where they’re shopping, what their desires and needs are. Create a business plan and know what your BAM (bare ass minimum) is to survive. Take a leap.

Typical day at the store?

Tending to my plants, taking care of emails, looking through inventory, planning/buying for the upcoming seasons, collaborating and developing community activities and events.

Favorite music to get you through the day?


If someone famous would walk through your doors, who would you die to see?

Male: Joseph Gordon Levitt (he’s my only celebrity crush); Female: too many to name, currently The Queen Bee herself, Beyonce.

Style Photographer - Stevens Point Wisconsin