Julie Paisley Mentoring in Nashville

March 1, 2016

Wisconsin Photography Workshops

 Photography WorkshopsI woke up at 2am and drove in a snowstorm to Milwaukee to get on 2 planes and a 5 minute delay (this made me giggle) to head to learn from a woman I have admired for a while now.  Last month I traveled to Nashville to hang out and learn from the amazing Julie Paisley at her beautiful cottage! I left a snowstorm in Wisconsin to a mini snowstorm in Nashville – it was beautiful flying into. Monday’s must not be a big day for traveling, because the flights to Nashville were nearly empty – it was great being the only one in the back of the plane chit chatting with the nicest flight attendant. Sprawling out on all three seats to sleep on the way to D.C – where I sprawled out on 3 more chairs to take a little nap. My 2 hour layover was great for napping and playing with some kids waiting for their flight – even had a great conversation with a woman about books. I was welcomed in Nashville with an amazing Uber (use this link to save $15 on your first ride!) driver who was the best tour driver ever on the way to Julies. He told me some history of buildings, The Grand Ole Opery and funny stories about his daughter and the Waffle House. Love every moment of the car ride! The best part!? He gave me his phone number so he could pick me up the next day – yes it was a little strange but we bonded over family stories! And, I was so happy to have a ride back to the airport!

Julie was amazing to meet and learn from – she welcomed me with open arms and spilled everything I wanted to know. We talking about our goals, dreams and passion for a job that we love. Photography has taken me to so many places, I’ve met so many amazing people – Julie is definitely on top of the list. This talented photographer is a teacher, Mom, wife, and a rad business owner. Learning from her was amazing! I left inspired and refreshed. I am so thankful for her letting me pick her brain and helping me plan some huge changes coming in 2017!

Photography workshops and mentoring once or twice a year is how I grow as a business owner and creative. Learning from amazing people building and growing together is how we make ourselves better business owners and ensure our clients are getting the best experiences possible. This less than 48 hour trip left me feeling so much appreciation and love for what I do.

  with love – christine

*pardon the phone photos – I left my big girl camera at home**