Photographers Life // Sunday Hangovers

September 30, 2015


What they don’t tell you about Wedding Photography

No, I am not talking about the I had too much to drink kind of hangover … I am talking about the I had too much fun dancing and photographing amazing people hangover. Wedding Day’s are so much freaking fun, but they are also hard on one’s brain, feet, and whole body. As a photographer, we sometimes don’t get to sit down at all during the wedding except for a few minutes at dinner or during transportation from one place to the other. I am constantly thinking, evaluating and being as ninja as I can at every wedding.

This is all why I try to not schedule meetings, early session, and back to back weddings. You as a wedding couple deserve the very best, and I schedule to make this happen. But sometimes the last minute meeting has to me made to talk to an inquiring couple because their venue is AMAZING! Or a session that is non-reschedulable. (is that a word? See my brain is a little tired) As a business owner I try to wear all the hats, and sometimes the brain gets jumbled. At the beginning of all Sunday Sessions during the busy time, I tell clients that if I stutter, slur or have a long brain fart is not due to being drunk it is due to not enough coffee and an amazing wedding the night before.

BUT … this blog is not to complain, say I hate it all, or wish it never happened.

It is to inform you that I LOVE what I do and LOVE that I work with such wonderful people. It is also because I had a meeting this past Sunday and it went horribly. Because I woke up and worked instead of making coffee and eating breakfast, then all of a sudden I had to leave to a wedding I was dying to book. Needless to say that I was a blubbering idiot where they most likely thought I was a crazy person. I got home and was mortified from that meeting….

BUT … sometimes these brain farts, empty brain conversations, and stuttering get’s me real smiles and laughs out of clients for amazing photos. Rescheduling is NOT an option, nor do we not book or say I am unavailable because I am too tired. Because I wake up every day excited about what I do. I strive every day to do my best no matter how tired I am. That is what one does when they adore what they do.

Justin and I are so THANKFUL for every single one of you that has trusted me to photograph their beautiful day after meeting with me while I was a little hung over from the wedding before. I love and adore you!


Good point! I totally agree. I try to give myself Sunday/Monday “off” as my weekend or at least part of one or both days!