WHOA! 9 Years Photographing Amazing People!

As we gear up for this weekends wedding in Chicago Illinois, I found myself SHOCKED that it was the begining of my 9th wedding season! It is also my 7th season with Justin photographing alongside me! AND it’s my 5th year being full time! We’ve photographed over 150 couples in the Midwest, Mexico & soon to be Iceland!

How did it all start?

While I was in Alaska I got an email from a High School Friend, he was getting married! YAY! He emailed me saying he loved my photography and was wondering if I would photograph his wedding. I was in awe, that he thought of me! But, I declined as I didn’t have the training or the gear to photograph his wedding. Also, if I screwed up his wedding I didn’t want to lose him as a friend.

But, it got me thinking! So when I got home I went shopping with my sister at Best Buy at bought a Nikon 3000, then emailed as many photographers in the La Crosse Wisconsin area for an internship. Out of the dozens I emailed only one emailed me back. For a whole Summer, I traveled around Wisconsin with her team and learned everything I could! To this day I owe everything to her!

Once that internship was over I did as much research as possible about pricing, how to get legal and went from there. Started marketing the crap out of myself and shooting so many people for free or $50. I booked my very first wedding for $400! WHOOHOO!!! Before the couple booked and paid me, I wanted to make sure they knew their wedding was my first solo. (I did have my sister with me as second shooter) They said, yes, we’d love to have you!

How do you think that wedding went?

It went horribly! It was raining, the two cameras I rented wouldn’t keep their batteries charged. So I was swapping out batteries while the others charged constantly. Then after the wedding the bride hated everything!

I almost quit weddings all together after that. But, the amazing photographers I had around me gave me as much advice as to what to do. Since I made sure at the beginning what they were getting into, had them sign a contract I was fully covered business wise. I learned so much from that day and that wedding! I look back at that wedding often, and I did as good of a job as I could have at the time with what I knew. It all could have been a hell of a lot worse, that is for sure!

This is why I try to teach new photographers and watch them grow! We all start somewhere!

I cannot wait to see where this 9th year will take us!

We have 20 amazing couples to photograph their days!

Heading to Iceland in September!

Celebrating out 10 year anniversary in Washington State!

Multiple Brands to photograph!

Rad Family Sessions on the book!

And planning 2020’s Rad Photographers Retreat!


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