January 10, 2022

Most Popular Posts on Instagram for Elopement Wedding Photographer in Wisconsin

Most Popular Instagram Images for Natural intuition Photography. Our most popular posts on Instagram in 2021! This is the start of some rad recaps of 2021! It was a wild ride that we didn’t see coming! It was our busiest year in our 11-year career! Along with photographing some fantastic couples and humans along the way!

We also kicked ourselves into gear, as our website was finally back up and we had to pretty much start out marketing plans all over! It was more than showing pretty photos and telling stories when it came to Instagram! We wanted to share who we are as photographers, what we’ve learned, what we bring to the table as photographers, and more!

lgbtq wedding photography ideas with dogs

Top Post of 2021

This post makes my heart so happy! Our first LGBTQ+ elopement and was so amazing to be a part of! Seeing how much love is so beautiful no matter who you marry! These two ladies, their pups, and families came together for a rad backyard wedding in Madison, WI! We ate delicious Mexican, listened to some fantastic stories, and saw many happy faces! The weather wasn’t ideal, but did all these amazing humans make the day unforgettable despite the rain!

See ERIKA & LINDSEY | Backyard Wedding

Milwaukee Wedding Photography Locations

Our first full wedding uring Covid

Margaret and Matthew were our first full wedding during Covid! It was amazing to be back doing rad things, having couples who postponed have the wedding they’ve planned a few times over! There were a lot of emotions and so many happy vendors overjoyed to be back! Back doing what we love most!

This day was chilly yet BEAUTIFUL! They planned a winter wedding and were given a beautiful Spring day! I captured some of my favorite Milwaukee Wedding Images!


Below you’ll find all the images in the post.

AC Hotel Madison Wisconsin Wedding Details

One of my all time favorite dress photos!

This photo makes my heart so happy each time I see it! There are times I get a few different angles to get dress photos. And sometimes, it gets me on top of tables, bar stools, and ladders! This one, I was standing on top of a barstool with a chandelier in between me and the dress. I wanted to capture the beauty of the dress and the capital with some depth.

See more of LINDSEY & ETHAN | The Field Reserve Wedding here

A super chill backyard wedding of the brides brother!

This wedding was by far one of the most relaxed weddings of the year! They got ready in the same house, we played with their kitten and then walked across the street to her brother’s house for the ceremony! These two make each other so happy it was contagious throughout the day! Our faces hurt from smiling so much!

See more of MAGGIE & JACK | Madison WI Wedding here

Below you’ll find all the images in the post.

lageret wedding in stoughton wi, Most Popular Instagram Images for Elopement & Wedding Photography

Intimate Wedding at the Lageret in Stoughton Wisconsin

This was another postponed wedding, from Summer to Fall! They had a chilly fall day, but filled with so much sunshine! These two are were so chill and couldn’t wait to dance the night away finally being married! They waited for so long that when the day was finally there they couldn’t hold it all in! There was a moment during photos right before the ceremony that it hit them full blast. They shed some beautiful happy tears while hugging each other and it was so beautiful. Love is freaking awesome!

See more of NATALIE & LUCAS | Lageret Wedding here

why 2 photographers are needed on your wedding day

What I see vs what Justin sees

This post is one I want to make into a series! As when you hire us you get two majorly different perspectives of your wedding day! Justin and I have two different visions and two different ways of capturing your day. Which allows us to experiment, give photo security and rad photos!

Super Intimate Wedding we Officiated & Photographed

This was one of the few elopements that we got to photograph and officiate! I wrote a special ceremony that included their pup, her love of horses and how they are becoming a family! This beautiful barn has amazing windows, an amazing kitchen and so much possibilty!

all the photos from the post

Leavenworth elopement in the mountains

Rad Advice for Couples planning their wedding!

Our biggest advice to all our couples is to THROW OUT THE RULES! It’s your wedding make it yours in all the ways you want!

This is also advice we’ve heard from a lot of couples who have gotten married and things they wish they would have changed!


How I started my photography career!

It was a fluke in a way, but it just feels right! Even during the hardest of years, looking at you 2020 and 2021! It hasn’t been easy, but whenever I think of if I would do anything else, the answer is always NOPE!

more photos from the post!

Most Popular Instagram Images for Elopement & Wedding Photography

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