MAGGIE & JACK | Madison WI Engagement

September 30, 2020

Tenney Park Madison Wisconsin Engagement Session

Maggie works at one of my favorite Stoughton Stores, Grasshopper Goods! The owner Karen is one of my biggest supporters! Since photographing their daughter’s wedding a few years ago. That was when the family connections started growing! Amazing people attack amazing people! Right!?

Maggie found me because of Kelsey & Sean’s wedding and anniversary photos. And as soon as I chatted with her I just knew they were a fun couple! The way these two make each other smile is genuine and pure magic!

We met for their engagement session at Tenney Park on the East Side of Madison. A park that has an amazing little pond with an iron bridge and just a short walk to the lake! From the start of their session, they were all smiles! We walked all around the park and ending down by the lake for some hazy sunshine!

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19 responses to “MAGGIE & JACK | Madison WI Engagement”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Aww you two look so happy, I love all of these.

    1. Paige Avatar

      Wow! These are amazing! They look like a Kay commercial!

  2. Chamberlain Collier Avatar
    Chamberlain Collier

    OMG wow what a babe (talking about Margaret, obviously).

  3. Maggie Strader Avatar
    Maggie Strader

    Yay! Thank you SO much for all of these amazing photos!

  4. Lulis Avatar

    You and Jack look absolutely fabulous Maggie! I can’t wait!!!

  5. Fran Avatar

    Mags! Congratulations! You look beautiful and happy. I love all the pictures

  6. Fran Avatar

    Maggie! Congratulations! You look beautiful and happy

  7. Milly Avatar

    Such great pictures ♥️ So much love in each one 🙂

  8. Amelia Avatar

    Love love love these!

  9. Mary Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful and full of love.

  10. Erin Avatar

    Wow! How stunning, fun to see so many emotions and lots of love captured!

  11. Erin Avatar

    Wow, so stunning! Can’t wait for your big day!

  12. Alyssa Avatar

    You both are radiating so much joy, I couldn’t be happier for the two of you! Absolutely beautiful.

  13. Lydia Kaminsky Avatar
    Lydia Kaminsky

    Aahhh all of these make my heart so happy ❤️❤️

  14. Sonya Avatar

    so beautiful!! Can’t wait to celebrate you two!

  15. Krystin Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  16. Susie Feest Avatar
    Susie Feest

    Beautiful! I especially love your crinkly face one!

  17. Emily Avatar

    Beautiful couple!! Can’t wait for July 2021

  18. Jane Avatar

    Really great and loving pictures. You two look so good together.

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