LESLEY & JOE | Engagement

January 8, 2018

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Black River Falls Engagement Session

Lesley & Joeseph were only in the area for a few days, with only ONE DAY to do their engagement session. They flew down from Alaska for Lesley’s cousin’s wedding. We only day they weren’t with family was the day we planned for their engagement session in Black River Falls. I watched the weather like a hawk hoping the rain would turn to sun or at least just clouds. But no luck. We moved up their engagement session to right when they drove into town from the airport. These two are troopers let me tell ya, they didn’t let the rain get them down at all! 

We started their session at Revolution Coffee in Black River Falls, where we waited out the rain while sipping delicious coffee. When the rain subsided a little we went outside to a little alley and had to step into a doorway to hide from the rain again. Lesley and Joe changed for a short hike in the Black River Falls State Forest. Where once we got to the lookout it POURED! I mean POURED! We hid under the rocks a little, I put my camera under my raincoat and waited a few moments. It let up a little and I said – “we are going to do this, no matter the weather. And screw my camera.”

These two didn’t complain once, I took her ring for a VERY quick shot before it POURED once last time.

We ran to the car and said our goodbyes as we got into our cars. I left their session worried that we didn’t get the shots we all wanted. That I rushed it and it wasn’t a great experience for them. Lesley was worried about my gear and that I didn’t enjoy myself. But, all those worries were unneeded. I adore these two even more and it was a freaking blast to adventure like that. 

Their story is one of my favorites. Relationships aren’t perfect, but in the end, the fact that you’re with the one you love most is all that matters!

Our story is a little complicated. We first met in 2011 and dated for a couple of months but things didn’t work out and we both ended up in different relationships for about a year. I always still had some feelings for Joe and I couldn’t help but keep wandering onto his facebook profile. We became friends again on facebook and immediately started talking and Joe offered to go get drinks. It wasn’t happily ever after from there on out we still hit a few bumps but we have both invested a lot into our relationship since our rocky beginnings.

Our story isn’t perfect but I believe it is has made us a resiliant couple and we can appreciate our imperfections.

We have had a wonderul three years together and continue to grow and take new adventures togethers. Joe is daring and fearless and I am cautious, he helps me to push my limits and live life a little fuller. I think our proposal story suits us very well as a couple. Joe tells the story better since he knows all the details. Joe suggested that we take a trip to Juneau since I had never been. It was the fall so weather was a bit drab but on our first day there the sun decided to come out so Joe was rather eager to go to Mendenhall Glacier.

We got there and walked the mile trail to Nugget Falls just in front of the glacier.

Joe was trying to flag down another couple to take our picture by the falls. When Joe asked the couple to take our picture he told then he was going to propose. Unfortunately both of our cell phones were low on battery so when they went to take a photo of Joe proposing his phone died. But they were on top of it and had started recording our proposal with their own phone. We ended up getting lucky and picked the right people to take our photo. They both were in the film industry and after snapping a few photos for us by the falls. They went along there way but also decided to take some pictures of Joe and I from the look out with the glacier and falls in the background. We were very thankful they were there to capture our moment. 

We are so excited to be traveling to Mexico in February where they will be surrounded by their closest family & friends to vow their love for each other! 


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These photos are amazing!

Gorgeous pics Lesley and Joe!


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