Laughs, Hugs and Love is all you need this fall

October 9, 2014

Yes it’s fall, the time of year that you dig out your favorite sweaters, scarves and boots to wear. It’s also the time of year people start to think of the holidays, and updating their families portraits. The leaves are changing, and you get that rush of … CRAP we need to schedule our session before the leaves blow away. So you panic, and contact your favorite photographer, dang it they are booked, then you panic some more, maybe pull out your hair a little, and contact more photographers. This is the time of year that we book up fast, and want to get in everyone before the leaves blow away and the trees are empty.

BUT …. there is not need to panic! Take a deep breath in …..and out…. and remember that all you need for beautiful family photos this time of year is : you, your awesome family and love!

I have been talking with a lot of families, couples and friends about this time of year. It is filled with a lot of panicking … am I going to get all my Christmas shopping done, how many cards should I send out, am I going to have to make the kids costumes, how many bags of candy do I have to buy ….. ect. I seriously do not want your family portraits to be on that list of things to stress out about. I know the leaves are beautiful, but if you hire a photographer you trust and the leaves are gone you can still get beautiful memories captured and updated photos of you and your family. Take for example this super sweet engagement session of Luke and Betsy’s in Wausau Wisconsin – last years Fall lasted a whole 2 weeks, and the leaves were gone EXTREMELY fast.  There were very few leaves during their session on the trees, but with careful placement, and adding of a lace backdrop and a fall colored blanket fall was clearly present in their photos. And with the clean mini trees (I call them), it made for beautiful lines in the background, and the couple was the main focus.

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