KELLY & MATT | Devil’s Lake State Park Engagement

July 10, 2017

Summer Engagement Session at Devils Lake State Park

Kelly and Matt met in High School, Kelly was a Sophmore while Matt was a Freshman. A shared a bus seat from a band parade, a few dances later, and a “will you be my girlfriend” sealed the deal. After years of back and forth in college, a masters degree and medical school, these two are excited to be getting married this August! These two have done a ton of micro-trips together. But, the trip that made a difference was the one where they went to Alaska!

I’ll let Kelly tell it:

They followed some friends – who landed in the middle of nowhere Talkeetna, “off the grid”, and a finished built-by-hand outhouse the second day we were visiting! After a few days of exploring, Matt and I and our friends drove to Denali State Park overlooking Mount Denali! We hiked for 3 hours up a terrifying off the path non-trail up a waterfall and to an overlook. This is where Matt was struck by the beautifullness (this is not a word) of the moment 🙂 He got nervous! So we kept hiking another few hours up switchbacks to the most amazing view of Denali at the state park.

I was cranky, and hungry, so I found a rock to sit on surrounded by the weirdest fluffiest moss. We now call it Fluff Mountain. He asked me and of course I said yes, then he made me a flower ring as I munched and got my blood sugar back to being as happy as I was at that moment, my friends watched and actually grabbed a picture of the moment and we made a flower crown and reveled in the moment -and the beauty of the scenery. We celebrated with freshly caught salmon dinner, potatoes and greens from the garden we helped plant the few days before. Topped it off with amazing beer from the brewery the friends work at -so favorite trip hands down 🙂

We met at Devils Lake State Park for their engagement session as Kelly and Matt love the outdoors. It was a beautiful day on the lake, where we hiked a little, climbed on some rocks and ended with a beer.


The photos are great and really capture your love for one another. So excited for the wedding!

Every single one of these pictures are amazing! Lovvvvvve them all!

Congratulations! Your photos are fantastic.

Can’t wait for the big day. It’s an excellent excuse for Hazel to skip the second day of school.

Absolutely gorgeous and you two are insanely adorable. I think the choice to take the pictures at Devils Lake was the perfect choice.

These look amazing! So happy for you two!!!!!!!

These are beautiful. Can’t wait for the wedding photos!

Thanks so much Christine & Justin! See you soon 🙂

Beautiful photos! Can’t wait for the wedding!

The pictures are amazing. Kelly you look so beautiful. Spoken like a proud father (inlaw). Matt, nicely done.

These are incredible! So cool you two!

So beautiful!!!

These are beautiful! Such a great location!!

I’m just here so I don’t get fined

Ugh. You guys are the cutest. Lovely photos!

All of these photos are SO beautiful!!

You guys! These are perfect! Love you both!

Pretty stinking cute!!!!

These are awesome!!

These are amazing!! Love it all

Absolutely stunning!!! In love with them all! Cannot wait to celebrate your big day!!!! 🙂

Hey!!!! I know them.

Absolutely beautiful! Matt doesn’t look too shabby either ;).

You both are so precious!! Great pics!!

These pictures are so ‘you’! Beautiful and fun, just like my favorite couple 🙂 Love you guys!

Absolutely love these photos! So beautiful and love the beers at the end! 🙂

Gorgeous shots of an incredible couple! Can’t wait for the big day!!!

These turned out so great and were actually pretty painless to get taken! Thank you guys so much for your miracle work 🙂

pretty painless!!!! haha

Congratulations to you both!!