Keep Dreaming

October 13, 2014

In a photography group, we got to talking about what we would all do if we couldn’t do photography anymore. It reminded me what I wanted to do before my sister put it in my head to do photography as a career. To be honest I have ALWAYS wanted to do photography – I would sit and look in those National Geographic magazines my Mom collection- and dreamed about traveling the world and documenting all its beauty. To this day I still dream of it and still want to photograph war zones, tribal villages, and unforgotten cities. As I write this I can feel my body growing with wanderlust!

What are some of my other dreams I have had throughout the years?

Interior Designer – I graduated with an Associates Degree in Interior Design, and all the years I learned to design pretty interiors. And dreamed of opening my own business and designing spaces. But when I graduated in 2006 the economy was pretty crappy. The only way I could get a job is to move to a big city and work under someone for more years than I wanted to. This brought me to flying to Alaska and working at a tiny Cafe and Inn. This is where my next dream came about …

Traveling the world working seasonal jobs – yup there is a site out there that you can apply to work ALL OVER THE WORLD! This is where I applied for the job in Alaska. Not going to lie, this is still a dream of mine – even if I am 50+ years old I will still do it.

Opening up a coffee shop of my own – you know I am a coffee addict, but this dream came about when I had to design a restaurant in college. I designed a beautiful coffee shop named – Eyce Cafe – and it had a coffee bar, where you could get wine, beer, and your favorite coffee drink. And serve a limited menu of sandwiches, soups and baked goods (all locally made and grown). With local art on the walls, and acoustic music 2 days a week. OH man, I can see it now!

Return to school to for a journalism degree, and travel the world as a freelance photographer for National Geographic – Yup you read that right! I have dreamed of this job since as long as I can remember. I would daydream when flipping through the pages growing up. The awesome adventures, the faces of military personal, children in remote tribal villages, and oh so much more. This is a job – when I retire I might still do. Justin and I have talked about it, and with his U.S Marine background he would train me to defend myself, and be my “body guard” while I photograph the world.

Yes, I love photography – but you have to dream a little right? I love to dream of new adventures I may go on someday.

What is your dream?