JoAnn Romeo Makeup – Professional Makeup and Spa Treatments Blain Minnesota

November 21, 2014

Well everyone I cannot say enough about my awesome sister JoAnn! She opened up a mini spa in Blain Minnesota! JoAnn Romeo Makeup – is a place that you can go to get profession make up done along with going during your lunch break to get a express facial done. Yes during your lunch break you can get a relaxing spa treatment! If I lived in the Twin Cities I would totally go there almost everyday for a mid day relaxation! You can also go there for the full spa treatment with your girlfriends or at th end of the week to start off the weekend right!

JoAnn is leading this years spa generations! With her mini spa you can get a relaxing treatment to relax – or a full “prescription” to ensure that your face stays beautiful on a daily basis with her wonderful spa products that you can take home! I have personally tried most of her products and I LOVE Them – and the best part!? They are some of the best products you can get, and are not packed full of nasty chemicals!

So if you are in the Minneapolis or even Eau Claire area take a trip to Blaine and visit her! Book your appointment today By CLICKING HERE and checking out her Facebook page to see her amazing holiday specials and referrals programs!

Here is a little look into her mini spa!

JoAnn Romeo Make up-1