November 11, 2021

Winter Wedding Tips to Fully Enjoy Your day!

Winter weddings have a bit of magic in them! With these few winter wedding tips, you will want to tie the knot in the snow asap! Embrace the coziness and bring in your personalities!


No matter where you are, winter weather can be tricky! But keeping an eye on it the week up to your wedding day is vital for safety and planning! Especially when it comes to transportation! In case of bad weather, always have a plan b and c in place for your outdoor photos! This is where it’s super important to hire vendors you trust!

When planning travel times, always add on at least 20-45 min for additional travel in case of bad weather. You can always use any of that buffer time for additional photos if the weather turns out to be amazing!

Winter Wedding Tips


The worst thing about winter weddings is the cold! Trust me, I am always cold, and I have gotten good at staying warm while not looking like the Puft Marshmellow Man!

*Leggings & Layers

YES, wearing a simple pair of leggings under your dress or suit will keep you warm! You can take them off before the ceremony or reception. Find some great ones here in different colors! If you are wearing a suit, wear a great base layer like these!

*Hand and Body Warmers

I buy these in bulk nearly every year! You can too and hand them out to your everyone! Tuck some inside your leggings in between them and your undies. Have at least one for each hand, and put one in each of your boots too! Keep those feet warm! Find them here!


Great for a beautiful wrap during photos and a rad offering for guests to bundle up! Here are some rad sherpa blankets in bulk! Along with some simple fleece ones! You can also put on the invite for guest to bring their own blanket! They also create amazing photos!!!!

No matter how much you try to prepare guests, they sometimes forget! Having blankets, warm drinks, and hand warmers available make guests more present!

*Rent a coat

Don’t have a cute coat to wear? You can totally rent a rad fur coat to add some style to your photos! Along with staying warm! Fur, not your thing? There are other fantastic wool coat options that add some killer style!

*Warm Feet

I can’t stress this enough! You can have stylish shoes for the ceremony and reception! But, for photos in the snow or cold weather, keep your feet warm with cute boots and warm socks! Or if you don’t want to track in the snow, you can have killer studded boots like this! If you’re going to look badass and trek in the snow, get yourself some Danner Boots! Also, wear a good pair of socks!!!! Along with an extra pair for when you get somewhere warm!

*Warm Drinks

Having warm drinks for you and your guests is uber important! You can make this adult with whiskey or bourbon, OR you can simply have hot chocolate and tea! If you want a quick warm-up, have a flask with you, a quick sip can warm you right up!

Plan on going on a hike for photos? Bring along a growler of hot chocolate with you! You can share it when you get to your destination!


The colder months add some need for certain things! So adding these simple things will ensure you are prepared!

Tissues – your nose may run!

Hand Cream – colder weather brings dry skin. Having it on hand will keep your skin from cracking.

Lip Balm – just like your hands, your lips will get dry!

Hand Warmers – have an extra or two just in case!

Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

THINGS TO REMEMBER When Planning A Winter Wedding!

Outdoor Ceremonies Can Happen!

Just like when I tell couples to embrace the rain, you can do the same with snow! A snowy ceremony could be STUNNING! Have guests dress warm, bring blankets, even an umbrella! You can purchase or possibly rent some outdoor heaters!

OR go the clear tent route! Imagine the snow falling all around you with twinkle lights, greenery, and candles! So much romance with just a few touches!

Just like Summer weddings, having a Plan B location is always a great idea! Keep things in mind when choosing a venue! If you don’t like plan b nearly as much as Plan a, figure out how to make Plan A work, like using a clear tent!

Encourage Guests to Arrive a Day Early!

Traveling in the winter is brutal, and things happen! When you have people coming from all over, ensuring they arrive as planned is key to limiting stress for all.

Lighting Becomes More Important in your Winter Wedding Timeline

Work closely with your photographers on your timeline and your vision for the day! With the sun setting early, natural outdoor photos and indoor natural light photos are limited. You need to work closely with your vendors to ensure your timeline works for you and them! This is also where it’s essential to hire vendors you trust! Especially important if you don’t want to do a first look! Read here on why we think first looks are rad!

With lighting inside, work with your planners to help create your cozy vision! Adding twinkle lights and candles helps add soooo much to the cozy winter feels!