Hofferber Family

December 10, 2015

Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0008Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0009Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0011Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0012Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0013Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0014Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0015Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0016Milwaukee Fall Enagement Photographer_0017The first time I met this family 4 or so years ago that little girl there was in a car seat sleeping every time I saw her. I always thought she was the best behaved little babe ever – I only heard her cry a few times in those few years. This family knows how to laugh and have a good time – this I knew before the session but when I got there I knew they were my kind of people. It was a Packer Sunday, the game was almost over, the whole family was in the living-room with a beer in hand and a full spread of football food on the table. The boys were hooting and hollering, with the girls chiming in when something was really ridiculous! Sadly when the game was over the guys weren’t in the best of spirits since the Packers lost to a team they really shouldn’t have. I am not even going to speak of the game anymore, because they really should have won that one!

Their backyard was the perfect place for their session, the sun was just starting to set behind the trees, the tall grass in the field was beautiful and the family was fabulous! Especially that rad little girl I spoke of earlier, she rocked it out of the park! A family with great style, amazing laughs and a sense of how to throw an awesome party are my kind of people! There a was a large part of me that wanted to stay and have a few beers with them and complain about the Packer loss. But I was too excited to get home and get to working on those awesome photos I captured for them!

with love, christine