My Heart is Overflowing

August 24, 2014

There are moments in life that I sit back and just feel so happy ( OK I am happy most of the time but these moments are special ) ! These moments are filled with other little moments, little joys, that together make of something extremely special and joyous! This last Saturday was one of them – I was on my home from 2nd shooting with a fabulous photographer, whom I have greatly admired her photography and business. This is a girl that just gets it, get life, marketing, photography, and love! She is one of those people that sets the bar high, that you work daily to work for. Working with her I was filled with butterflies that I was going to fall on my face, and make a fool out of myself – or say something weird ( and you know I do this friends and family ! ) that was going to make her be sorry she asked me along!

She is one of those girls that you instantly feel comfortable with, and can laugh, joke, dance, and make silly faces so she can get a strange photo of you. And the wedding I got to help her with was a dream – I couldn’t stop waiting to wake up. I cannot wait to see her blog post about this one! The fog was amazingly, strangely thick – we could feel it! The couple was so sweet, the families were like your own – hugs and all – the friends had us laughing so hard my side and face hurt.

On my way home I was exhausted, but I felt so happy and blessed to have a day like I had. It wasn’t my wedding booked, but it was a great way to spend my day, and a Saturday 1/2 way through my wedding season. A day that I felt inspired! As a busy business owner of a creative job, you sometimes get in a funk, and don’t feel inspired – you just have to take a few steps back and do something different to get that creative spark going again. And this day was it!

I feel so lucky, and happy to have the life I have right now. To be able to do what Love – and a business I am growing more and more each passing day! And Thank You again Jenna ! You are fabulous, and  hope our paths cross many more times in the near future – you are a beautiful soul!

Foggy Boat Wedding in Millwaukee Wisconsin

Above are some phone pictures I took while on the boat during the wedding. The fog got creepily thicker while we were out on the water.

Have a wonderful Sunday – Enjoy it with the ones you love most!