The best question I was ever asked!

July 20, 2016

Madison Wedding Photographer, Madison Wisconsin Photographer

It is humbling when people come up to me at weddings or session and ask photography questions, I do my best to explain what to do, how to fix it or what camera I use and why.  But, those questions are mixed in with some pretty crazy ones. I am finding out people really want to be naked and have their photo done! (I can send you to some great photographers who do that!) These questions crack me up every single time!

As a photographer I get asked a lot of silly questions like :::

Do you photograph naked people?

Would you photograph me naked? ( these were mainly men that asked these questions )

— I started telling people that asked these questions that I am naked while photographing people fully clothed.

The funniest questions I have gotten was when I was second shooting, and I was having a great conversation with some ladies during cocktail hour :::

” Have you ever photographed a wedding with a clown? ”

I was taken back by this question, and simply asked – ” Like, a clown as the Groom? Or ….. a clown wedding? Or …. with clown guests? ”

We laughed pretty hard, that we were both crying … HA!

I then told them ” If there were clowns at a wedding, I would throw my camera to Justin¬†and say I am going home! OR …. I would hide the whole time away from the clown! ”

I am terrified of clowns! I just don’t get them!

I know they are happy people, and they just have make up on. But, I hate that you don’t know who is under that make up.

I LOVE my job – the awesome people I get to meet, the silly and sometimes crazy things we talk about. I can’t wait to see the questions I get asked in 2016 ! Bring it on!