What I learned watching MasterChef Junior

January 13, 2015


What I learned from watching MasterChef Junior

It’s Saturday morning, and I took the day off to relax and catch up on some shows online. (as some of you know I do not have TV Channels so I watch everything online – TV binging at it’s best!) As I sit here in my PJ’s and watching the finale of Master Chef Junior, I couldn’t help but tear up watching these two kids cook for the title of the best chef at the young age of 11 & 12 ! Yes 11 – these kids have been gourmet chefs for years already! This show is the definition of following your love, your dreams, your passions! Their parents are cheering them on on the sidelines, probably sweating through their shirts but loving every minute of it.

I remember my parents telling me to follow my dreams from as long as I can remember.

Yes, there were times that they told me to do the smart thing, especially when I decided to start my business. They wanted to protect me and make sure wasn’t going to go broke or end up heartbroken. But, I went with my gut and things have been an up and down battle but getting better and better! I am officially a full-time photographer and will no longer we going to a job on a weekly bases, or getting a bi-weekly check. Going full force into my dream job. I write this blog with a little bit of a heavy heart, but I know it is all for the best.

I seriously get truly excited every-time I remember that I don’t have to go to work today. That I can stay at home, and schedule meetings with great couples and families, and not have to worry about it colliding with other obligations. Don’t get me wrong I am scared, but that fear is not going to win – Hell No! I am using it to fuel my desire to grow, to build upon this awesomeness that I get to call my life!

This purpose of this blog is to remind all of you that have a dream or passion that you want to do, like travel the world, be a writer, a photographer, a stockbroker – ANYTHING!

Go for it! Don’t let the naysayers and the ones that are in your ear saying “you can’t do this”. Tell them to literally go to h#ll!

This reminds me a dear friend’s Mom – she quit her full-time job to go back to school full time. She had people asking her why the heck she would do that, she can’t do that! But she did it – and did it with honors and was the keynote speaker at her graduation. And may I say that her speech was uplifting, heartfelt, and spoke to my heart. It got me motivated and reminded me that I can do this. I can rock out my dreams the way I want – and you can too!!!

So if there is a dream out there! Or you want to go back to school for something that you really really really want to do – DO IT!
In the words of Nike – Just Do It! I have faith in you! And know if you put your heart and soul into it you will rock it out!

Is there a dream you are working towards? Share it below – I’d love to hear it! Even if your a little scared to do it, share how you are not letting fear win!



Oh my gosh, so many Congratulations coming your way!! This post made my heart swell reading it, you’ve got this! Thank you for being an inspiration!