What I find important to photograph at weddings.

July 29, 2014

I got to thinking after talking with a fellow photographers Mother one day while working at my night job – we got to talking about her daughters photographer and what she was angry about with him/her. She was very passionate about the fact there weren’t more than 2 photographs of her and her husband – or any dear relatives at all. This made me think about my own photography – what do I find to be the most important thing I like to photograph at weddings. And to some this might surprise – but to me it’s exactly how what I find the most very important thing about the wedding.

The People!

Yes the people – the bride and groom, the parents, the wedding party, the family, the kids, the grandparents and the guests. Yes I do love to photograph the details too like the dress, rings, shoes, flowers and so forth. BUT …. really the guests, family and friends have come from near and far to celebrate with you. And in most cases the family ( parents ) are the ones that are paying for you to be there. And this day is one of the most important day in their lives too! Not just the couples! The parents have been their for their son/daughter for all their most important moments in their lives : birth, birthdays, drivers license, graduation, first day of college, and for most they are the first people they call when they get engaged.

So yes, when I photograph a wedding I am always on the move, walking in circles sometimes to capture the moments when people are laughing, sometimes I will stop and ask you to get together for a photograph. The couple invited you to one of the most important days of their lives for a reason – not just for the gifts. I have a goal to try and photograph every guest at the wedding – most of my weddings are under 200 guests, some are only 30-50 people. So this is even more important for me. ( but I have to be honest, I think it is impossible to get a photo of every single person at the wedding, some people hide from me, and people are constantly coming and going throughout the day. )

So if you see me at a wedding, and I am just walking around looking around – I am on high alert for moments happening. A laugh among friends, a hug between friends that haven’t seen each other in years, a grandparent with a grandchild on his knee, or a quiet moment where they just look content.

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With Love – Christine