Favorite Wedding Moments

February 28, 2017
Must have Wedding Day Images – Madison WI Wedding Photographer

There are moments that Justin and I always keep our eyes out for. Yes, of course, the first time he sees you, those slight glances to each other during the ceremony, and those beautiful vows. But, the moments I am talking about are – the moments the tears, the giant hugs from your Grandparents, your husband grabbing Grandma for a dance, your wife grabbing Grandpa for a little jig, or those rad dance moves by the kids. These moments are what we seek out – these are the hidden moments. These are the moments where you get lost in the moment, the happiness, the joy and the celebration.

Some of these moments we don’t know we captured until we are editing or a family member points it out – below you will see some of my all time favorites! Wedding days are filled with so many beautiful moments – my heart is on the brink of explosion when I see all the happiness that surrounds such a beautiful love of 2 people.

Candid Wedding Moments, Outdoor wedding , Madison WI Wedding Photographer, Favorite Wedding Moments

Special Moments Captured

The above photo I was taking a photo of groom watching his bride walk the path to the aisle. I didn’t notice Grandma on the left wiping a tear away until the Brides Mom mentioned it to me. She said it brought her to tears when she saw it. Every time I see this photo it makes me so happy I captured it for them.

Candid Wedding Moments, Outdoor wedding , Madison WI Wedding Photographer, Favorite Wedding Moments

Wedding Day’s are busy, hectic and go by so fast – no matter how small or large. We’ve photographed weddings that were 20 people all the way to 300+ people. The best advice a friend of mine got on her wedding day was passed on to me to tell my couples. She was told to leave the reception together, take a few moments away just the two of you, soak in the moment, soak in the fact that you are now married. Soak in the fact that you just danced with your Grandparent. A friend you haven’t seen in years, or the silly thing your groomsman did before the ceremony. Just leave and soak in the day – it goes by so fast. The millions of hugs will mesh together, the thank you’s and congratulatory moments will be lost to you. But, if you leave and let it all soak it, the moments will linger with you for years to come. Don’t feel bad about it – they will understand. When you are ready to get back to it, jump right back in and celebrate your ass off!!! ¬†You just married the love of your life!