June 22, 2020

Intimate Wedding Officiant with Photography coverage! WHAT!? Yes, both!

When COVID-19 first smacked all couples and wedding vendors in the face – at first, I panicked. I am sure a lot of others did too. But, as soon as the cloud started to clear and we were trying to find a way to help couples, a light bulb went off! So we created something to combine officiant and photography!

Justin and I have wanted to get ordained as a backup for elopements and wedding days because stuff happens! So I spent a few hours getting us ordained, looking up the rules, etc.

Then the whole chandelier lit up! Justin would officiate weddings while I photographed them! THEN as soon as the ceremony was over, Justin grabbed his camera and shot with me.

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  • $1950
  • 1 Hour of Time with Justin as the officiant & Christine as the photographer
  • Custom ceremony
  • 1 Hour of travel round trip (custom travel outside the area)
  • Final edited images delivered via online gallery

  • $2400
  • 2 Hour of Time with Justin as the officiant & Christine as the photographer (once the ceremony is over you will have TWO photographers)
  • Custom ceremony
  • 1 Hour of travel round trip (custom travel outside the area)
  • Final edited images delivered via online gallery

These are perfect for anyone who wants to get married or has to cut their list of guests down. Also, a great way to get 1.5 photographers AND an officiant!

One of us can also be your witness! That helps cut down the list, right!?

These can happen anywhere in the Midwest or where travel is allowed! Travel pricing is custom to all collections and inclusive! Meaning that we include all travel expenses in the price!

Backyard Elopement in Madison, Backyard Elopement Ideas

Why have we loved Intimate Weddings (or Micro Weddings) for 10+ years now!?

Small weddings haven’t always been a trend or necessary like they are right now. They have always been a thing, some couples prefer them!

We’ve photographed weddings of all sizes, from 5 (including us) to 300! The most significant difference is the stress level. Couples who eloped or had small weddings were less stressed throughout the day. And 100% of them don’t regret the size of them.

When we ask couples we know about their wedding day, most regret not just eloping or having a smaller wedding day.

How we suggest thinking of your intimate wedding guest list:

Just imagine an intimate dinner party with your favorite people! Who is all there?!

Your wedding day should be filled with people you adore, people you couldn’t imagine not having by your side on your wedding day! Not people you feel bad for not inviting or someone you have never met.

Another rad thing about intimate wedding days?

The wedding food!!!!!

The intimate weddings and elopements that we’ve photographed have ended with brunch and pie, pizza, Ramen, and Jimmy Johns!

Imagine your favorite meal as a picnic with drinks, casual conversation, and so many rad memories!?

Still, want to have a major dance party after COVID?

You can still do this!

We are offering discounted Sunday-Friday rates for these parties when combined with another collection!


One stop for all needs is such a fantastic idea!

Great Idea! Intimate weddings are my favourite too! Bringing back the focus on the love story. love it!

Love this idea! When you can bring your love with you and they serve a purpose there so it works out best for everyone!

way to take an awesome idea and actually make it happen!! i love that you are offering this and I think it will answer a lot of problems for couples.

thank you!!!! I just HAD to do something to help!

This is such an awesome idea! Outdoor elopement weddings are definitely where itโ€™s at right now! Beautiful images, too… ๐Ÿ’š

thank you so much!

Yes this is perfect!! One stop shop for it all. Such a great idea!